A demonstration of power and passion

Apr 06, 2012

How do you bring hope and opportunity to children who are confined to power wheelchairs? How do you empower their parents, who battle emotional and financial stress in raising children with extreme needs?

Last week, we visited Jim and Nancy Dornan, Amway Founders Crown Ambassadors from Atlanta, Georgia. The Dornans have faced these same challenges with their son Eric, who was born with Spina Bifida.

Working with a team of creative and passionate people, the Dornans have invested in a sport that provides an outlet for children and their parents, and builds a network of supportive relationships at the local and global level.

It’s called Power Soccer, and it is easily the largest organized sport for children and adults in power wheelchairs.

Investing in Power Soccer over the past twenty years, the Dornans have helped to grow the sport from around five teams, to more than 60, while building a structured competitive system that is standardized across multiple countries.

The game is customized to allow shots, blocks and passes from power wheelchairs. The chairs are also customized to provide freedom of movement and a fast-paced game that requires incredible spatial awareness and quick responses. There is an incredible amount of team spirit, and quiet communication between teammates.

With support from the Dornans, a dedicated team is elevating the sport through the Fernando Foundtion. It includes Eric Dornan, player and organizer; David Ruelas, Fernando Foundation director and manager of a shop that provides customized wheelchairs and game equipment; Jerry Frick, coach and mentor; and Jerome “Pika” Durand, champion player and Power Soccer spokesperson.

This isn’t the only cause that the Dornans have taken on and grown. They have inspired thousands of child sponsorships through World Vision, built schools and orphanages in Europe, Africa and Asia, and delivered wheelchairs thousands of people around the world who cannot afford them through Free Wheelchair Mission.

Yet it’s evident that Power Soccer is close to their hearts. It serves as a demonstration of their faith and determination to positively impact the world around them.

We will soon share more of this story as part of our exploration of how Amway leaders are investing in causes for children around the world.

Thanks to RD Saunders and Colleen Scott for opening the doors to us on this incredible story.


    • Diane Millington says:

      Thanks R.D. Saunders and Colleen for this easy to find and read visual highlighting some of the Dornan’s amazing work. We’ve seen a “Demo” game at National Leadership Conference. Very fun and impressive to watch Eric and the team in action!

    • sarvinder singh kohli says:

      turn of destiny is in one’s hand . had Jim Dornan said ‘no’ to amway ,many things would not have happened !

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