I am the keeper

Apr 13, 2012

Last month, a new social educational project was launched through an innovative Amway partnership.

Amway Ukraine and a charitable foundation called “Talented Children are the Future of Ukraine” announced the I Am Beregynya project (translated: I Am the Keeper).

The partnership will provide education, training and professional development for 150 girls from disadvantaged families in Kiev. The girls will learn important skills and knowledge about health, ethics, and safety in combination with professional orientation and leadership training.

The participants were chosen from more than 2,000 applications and a tough selection process. The project is being celebrated on local television and radio shows. Amway Business Owners and employees are also directly involved, and will deliver some of the trainings for the girls.

These types of efforts by Amway in Ukraine have led the national rating agency Guardia to include Amway in its national Corporate Social Responsibility ratings, a prestigious recognition of the only company in the direct selling industry.

You can follow the journey of the girls on the Bereginya Facebook page.

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