A special day in Fiji

May 25, 2012

Three hundred volunteers. One hundred students. Five villages. One future doctor. It all adds up to what happened on May 21, 2012 in Lomawai, Fiji, at a local school near the Amway Australia and New Zealand Achievers event.

There, Amway Independent Business Owners renovated a flood-damaged school that serves remote villages and provides hope to students whose families are likely living on less than $5 per day.

An invitation from an eight-year-old student at the Wai District School prompted IBOs to spend the day constructing new tables and benches; repairing desks; repainting blackboards and ceilings; bringing new life to the outdoor play areas and the bus shelter; and making the library a fuller, happier place to study.

The students showed their appreciation through dance and song, and welcomed the help with open arms and smiling faces. One IBO described the day’s work like this: “It’s nice to be here and contributing, really making a difference so when we leave here, we’ll leave behind something a lot better.”

As the invitations stated: “No experience necessary – just a giving heart.”

When it comes to Amway IBOs, those are never in short supply.

 Thanks to Cindy Droog and Kevin Lowe for sharing this story.

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    • Nicholas Titerle says:

      I would love to give and care for those people who are in need in New Zealand. However, I do not know exactly how to go about this in the right manner. Can anyone inform me about how to go about this please?

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