Some partnerships just keep growing

May 30, 2012

You can never anticipate all of the spinoff activities that come with an Amway One by One partnership.

In Southern California, home of our Nutrilite headquarters, we’ve had a longstanding partnership with the Buena Park Boys & Girls Club. In fact, the Club was first established by Carl Rehnborg, the founder of Nutrilite.

So when Nutrilite began sponsoring the Orange County Marathon a few years ago, it was only a matter of time before our employees would find some way to include Club members.

This year, approximately 4,100 children from 65 schools participated in the Orange County Marathon Kids Run, which included many Boys & Girls Club members.


Preparation for the Kids Run began long before the event, with a school curriculum that promoted active, healthy and nutritious lifestyles. The runners trained through their school running clubs, and actually completed a marathon – one mile at a time, over several weeks. Their final mile was achieved with great fanfare during the Kids Run.

And it wasn’t just the individual accomplishments that counted. One Boys & Girls Club member was seen re-joining the race after he crossed the finish line when he noticed a struggling teammate. He put his arm around her ran with her, making sure that she too was able to finish.


Thanks to all the runners and all of the volunteers for making it a great race … and a great partnership!


    • montree jannee says:

      hello l am montree jannee live in Northern Thailand. we thank for meet your Team. l need to your team pray for my Orphaned Children Home. l hope your team to help. God Bless montree

    • chaman pundir says:

      i am amway busines owner and it is fortunate that i am a part of this wonderful company… i real feel proud to be a amway business owner… i love amway company and its products and nutrilite, the most trusted brand of the world..

    • Renate Weiss-Gearo says:

      I am a Amway IBO, and am proud of it! Amway has done so much to help others and it is a joy to be part of all the excitement, Love you Amway and thank you for the hope you give!! Renate

    • Tiffany Clontz says:

      That is a very nice photograph of Team Nutrilite!

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