Running, walking and riding for kids

Jun 04, 2012

This Spring, Amway Business Owners and employees across Europe have been riding, walking and running to help children, and meet their personal fitness goals. Take a tour with us!


Twelve cyclists took place in the Spin of Hope event across Sweden. It started early in the morning, with each person biking for one hour. Twelve hours later, the last participant from the Nutriway (Nutrilite) team crossed the finish line. The full event raised 1.3 million Krona (US $180,000) for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.



Amway Business Owners participated in the Nutrilite Hobby Run, part of City of Bratislava Public Run, which is the largest event of its kind in Slovakia. The Hobby Run attracted more than 950 participants, including 463 ABOs from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The runnerss raised 1,300 Euros (US $1,600) for UNICEF.


In Poland, the children did the running, with strong support from Amway. The Ostrzeszów Cross is the oldest run in Poland with 1,150 participants. Throughout the event, 18 runs are organized by different age categories with distances ranging from 400m to 21km. The culmination of the event is the Amway Cup, awarded to all children who participated in the 1,000m stadium run.


In Norway, Amway invited business owners, employees and customers to participate in a 10km run in Sentrumsløbet to raise money for UNICEF. These efforts raised 35,000 Krone (US $5,700) for schools in Africa. Amway Norway provided goodie bags to the best runners in each class to keep motivation high, while Amway volunteers helped to manage the starting and finishing lines.


More than 300 Amway Business Owners and employees cycled around Tisza Lake in Hungary to raise money for the Intensive Care area of the local Children’s Hospital. Amway staff welcomed the finishers and provided Nutrilite prizes for all category award winners.


In June, 408 women representing Amway Business Owners and employees in Finland participated in a 10km run to raise funds to support girls’ education in Nepal. Amway brought in the largest group of any other company, and raised 16,320 Euros (US $20,000), which will provide schooling for 1,360 girls through UNICEF.


Amway Business Owners had a strong showing at the Chestnut Run in Kyiv and on the largest team cup for the fourth time. The Kyivs City Mayor attended the event and personally greeted ABOs. In total, a donation of $ 20,000 was raised for the Children’s Centre of Cardiology – more than 30% of this milestone was raised by Amway Business Owners through Team Nutrilite.


Thanks to Karin Schmid and Sarah Wellner for sharing these stories.

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