Building greatness through competition

Jun 18, 2012

Building greatness through competition

A game is never just a game.

For the last 15 years, Amway Taiwan has been working with local partners to support and grow the sport of billiards among young women.

The game has become a major annual competition in Taiwan. Earlier this year, the Amway eSpring Women’s World 9-Ball Open attracted 48 players from 17 countries. More than 70,000 fans attended the event, with 3 million more tuning into the live broadcast.

Yet the event is really a culmination of years of investment in young men and women to build self-esteem, confidence and commitment, not just in the sport, but in other areas of their lives.

Along with the tournament sponsorship, Amway Taiwan annually supports training programs that provide scholarships so youth can receive positive coaching, and are able to participate in competitions, even those that involve overseas travel.

The scholarships have enabled 170 young players in high school and college to earn $92,000 in scholarships since 2003.

The proof of this successful program is with the current champion and third-ranked female player in the world: Chieh-Yu Chou. She received a scholarship for four years, and may not have been able to reach these heights without the support of those who believe that a game is more than a game, and that she can achieve her dreams, with a little help from her friends.

Thanks to Julie Wu for sharing this story.

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