A benchmark of high achievement

Jul 05, 2012

Amway China never fails to go above and beyond with their contributions to the Amway One by One Campaign.

The Amway Charity Foundation in China recently opened their 301st Nutrition Kitchen in through the Spring Sprout program, as part of a 100 million RMB ($15.4 million USD) commitment over three years to build a total of 1,000 Nutrition Kitchens across China, benefitting benefit 500,000 children.

This dedication certainly does not go unnoticed. The Amway Charity Foundation Spring Sprout program received the award for Most Influential Charity of China. Deemed as the most prestigious award of its kind in China, it was proudly accepted in Project’s first year of existence.

The Spring Sprout Project continually strives to develop solutions to nutritional issues for children left behind in rural areas when their parents move to cities to find work.

In a recent joint forum with the Hope Kitchen Project and the Micro Nutrient Supplements Project, Amway fostered a discussion about current successes and how they can be translated over into solving future issues.

We expect to see more great successes, and more children who are eating better because of the contributions of Amway China, and its many Sales Representatives, employees and partners.

Thanks to Kyle Van Andel and Vivian Yuan for sharing this story.

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    • pablo avila says:

      una gran hoobra,la mejor oportunidad de poder alludar a los ninos,felicito a todo el equipo de trabajo de esta gran hobra

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