A legacy of commitment to children in Singapore

Jul 12, 2012

Pop quiz: what were the first 2 Amway products?

Of course, they were L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Cleaner and SA8 Concentrated Detergent.

Building on this legacy, Amway Singapore created the Amway Enrichment fund to help children through the sale of these pioneering product brands.

For the purchase of every LOC and SA8 (750g), Amway Singapore donates $2 to the Singapore Children’s Society to support children’s centers across the country.

Through these donations, children receive programs to enhance self esteem, improve math skills, explore personal interests and translate life values into daily values.

This isn’t just a one-time donation. While the fund started in 2009, Amway Singapore has partnered with the Singapore Children’s Society since we started doing business in Singapore in 2002.

… 2 products, $2 at a time, 20 year partnership … and more ahead!

Thanks to Audrey Chow Miew Ling and Kyle Van Andel for sharing this story.

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