Earthquake damage in Italy spurs action

Aug 13, 2012

Earlier this year, a series of 34 earthquakes hit the Italian region of Emilia, including a 5.8 magnitude quake on May 29.

In just two months, the quakes caused several deaths and destroyed hundreds of houses and buildings, including some historic medieval architecture.

Immediately following the first wave of severe quakes, Amway Italy Geneal Manager Fabrizio Suaria issued a call to action.

Amway quickly began to provide cleaning and personal hygiene products to those in the affected areas, delivered by Amway Business Owners.

Amway staff also took part, volunteering their time to dismantle an outdoor church that collapsed during the earthquakes, and making plans to return again soon.


In addition, Amway launched a campaign to raise funds. Through the support of Amway, ABOs and employees, a kindergarten that had been completely destroyed in the city of Finale will soon be rebuilt.


Thanks to Sarah Wellner for sharing this story. To view a photo gallery of Amway volunteers, click here and to see a gallery of the school that will be rebuilt by Amway, click here.

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