An international welcome

Sep 21, 2012

At Amway offices in Puchheim, Germany, 260 people from more than 30 different nations work together as one team. This diversity gives each of our employees an expertise in intercultural teamwork.

They decided to use this expertise in their their latest volunteer activity, working with youth from the world‘s crisis regions – Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria – who live in a refugee shelter in Munich, waiting for their asylum status being granted.

Most of these young men and women will eventually be able to stay in Germany. So Amway staff, working with Inner Mission, made sure they would be ready to live, work and play in Germany, with a series of hands-on, multicultural activities, such as:

Getting to know German food and how to prepare it …

Repairing bikes and learning about German traffic rules …

Woodworking with tables and benches …

Playing sports and just getting to know each other. Click here for the full news writeup.

Thanks to Karin Schmid and Sarah Wellner for sharing this story.

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