Little Steps made possible by many

Oct 01, 2012

In Turkish, “Küçük Adýmlar” means “Little Steps.”

Little steps can now be heard from 200 pairs of little feet, climbing the stairs to a new preschool in Turkey, through the efforts of Amway Business Owners across Europe and their partners.

The Little Steps Nursery School in Elazig is the third preschool to come together through a partnership between Amway, the Turkish Ministry for Education and UNICEF.

Responding to the challenge from UNICEF that, “Investment in preschool education commands significant returns in long-term and each child in the country should be able to reap the benefits of early education, “Amway made a commitment in 2008 to build preschools in remote, underserved areas of Turkey.

Amway Europe affiliates across 26 countries, along with Amway Business Owners and employees, supported have donated more than $900,000 for all three preschools, giving educational support to 2,000 children.

The newest preschool, which includes a technology laboratory, kitchen, cafeteria and playground, opened in September … to happy little claps and excited little steps.

Thanks to Karin Schmid, Sarah Wellner and Candan Corbacioglu for sharing this story.

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    • Birgit Andersen says:

      Dear AMWAY,
      I simply LOVE this, how beautiful of Amway to combine the world renown company resources with charity,

      we can do so much when we work together and combine our efforts in forming a new world, where especially the welfare of children is in focus,

      Birgit Andersen
      International President WICO
      Ambassador for Peace,
      Amway Business Owner

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