A new understanding of urban and rural

Oct 10, 2012

When 10-year-old Liu Hongyu from a small village in China entered the home of her new friend Qi Tingshan in the city, the first thing she exclaimed was, “Wow, your home looks like a library.”

Qi Tingshan never realized how lucky she was before, and immediately gave Liu Hongyu some of her favorite books as gifts. But Qi Tingshan would also learn about the joys of living in the countryside, when she visited Liu Hongyu.

This summer, Amway partnered with the Zhuzhou Evening Post to organize a project called Urban and Rural Children Forming Pairs. This is the third project of its kind, where 25 urban children and 25 rural children are paired up to spend five days together, and to stay at each other’s homes.

In the city, they visited the zoo and a City Planning Exhibition. In the country, they caught crabs and picked peanuts in the fields. The rural children took a high-speed train and watched a 4D movie for the first time. The urban children did farm work and washed clothes by themselves, also for the first time.

Through the program, increasing understanding is leading to acceptance, empathy and friendship. And all it takes is a little trip outside our world.

Thanks to Vivian Yuan Yuan and Rowley Luo for sharing this story.

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