A sampling from India

Oct 30, 2012

India is a true demonstration of the Amway One by One model, where activities happen locally, driven by Amway Business Owners and employees. Here is a sampling from the last few weeks:


A day to celebrate the white cane …

In Delhi, 50 Amway volunteers celebrated International White Cane Day with 150 visually challenged students in partnership with Jantar Mantar. This public awareness walk took them by important government offices, led by the Delhi police. The event culminated with the presentation of 150 white canes to the students, and the kick-off of White Cane Week across India.


A life goal workshop for youth …

The first Personality Development Workshop was presented to 40 enthusiastic young men and women through partner organization Aadharna and Manchikalalu. Amway Business Owner Rajesh Murthy, a well-known corporate trainer, led a three-hour interactive on topics ranging from time management, goal setting, relationships and memory building.


A different way to spend the holiday …

The India Independence Day was celebrated by an Amway team in Hyderabad with children from partner agency Manchikalalu. Events included flag ceremonies and songs with high-level government officials and ended with a donation commitment to support children’s education.


A new partner in the heart of India …

Amway Project Sunrise, a national partnership with local organizations across India, established a new partnership in Lucknow with Asha Jyoti, an organization focused on helping children with mental disabilities. The partnership was christened with a donation to support the education of 25 children for an entire year.


A special delivery of healthcare service …

The Amway Opportunity Foundation organized two healthcare events for children. The first was in partnership with the Delhi Council for Child Welfare, where a group of eye doctors and specialists treated 300 children who may not be able to afford these services. The other was a broad-based “health camp” project, where Amway Business Owners who are doctors organized free treatment for children at Amway Project Sunrise partners in Chennai, Trichy, Hyderabad, Madurai, Cochin, Salem, Trivandrum, Faridabad and Aizawl.


Thanks to Raj Narain for sharing all of these wonderful stories.

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