Tracking the effects of Hurricane Sandy

Nov 01, 2012

Here in the US, we’ve been watching the hurricane situation unfold across the east coast this week. More than 111,000 Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) are located in the affected area, a significant portion of our US population, as well as a several employees.

According to Sandy Spielmaker, Vice President of Sales for Amway North America, “Our first priority has been to reach out to determine if everyone is OK, and reports so far indicate that all are safe.”

That’s good news, although we do know that some IBOs have had severe damage to their homes, and may have trouble getting orders for their business. Amway is holding some orders until East Coast terminals are operating or alternatives are identified.

As we do in the event of major disasters around the world, Amway is collecting donations for the American Red Cross on We will match these donations up to $100,000, and will continue to monitor the situation to determine if more help is needed.

Thanks to all of you who have offered your words of support, your prayers and your donations.

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