A story with many plots

Nov 02, 2012

In 2013, Amway will celebrate 30 years of supporting Easter Seals to help children with disabilities - a partnership that predates the Amway One by One Campaign for Children and covers more than half of the history of Amway. How did it grow, and how does it last? There are many stories to unravel to answer the question.


First, consider four-year-old Mia in Charlotte, North Carolina. While she is a happy, energetic girl with a doting brother and caring parents, Mia has developmental disabilities that require special care. The Easter Seals UCP Child Care Center in Charlotte is just what Mia and her family need. It provides therapy programs in the classroom with onsite specialists, while creating a blended environment for children at all development levels, and from all backgrounds. It is a beautiful, happy atmosphere run by caring, professional staff. Yet it is always in need of support to keep it going.


That’s where the next story begins. It’s about Dexter and Birdie Yager, who started an Amway business that would become one of the most successful in the world. The Yagers have reached the Amway Founders Council recognition level, and have passed their Amway business to three of their seven children – Doyle, Steve and Jeff. They also passed on their legacy of support for Easter Seals.


Looking further back for the next story, the Yagers’ involvement with Easter Seals was initially inspired by Amway, which began a new kind of corporate sponsorship in the 1980s, by helping Easter Seals conduct national telethons to raise money for children with disabilities. The Yagers were one of the earliest and longest-lasting champions for Easter Seals. They gave of their own time and money, promoted Easter Seals to their IBO networks, and invited Easter Seals representatives to speak at their large business meetings and events.


The final story continues to be written. Between Amway, the Yagers and other Amway IBOs and employees across the country, more than $30 million has been raised to support Easter Seals over the years, through grassroots fundraising, volunteering at local centers and serving on local Easter Seals boards.

What drives them is the inspiration of children like Mia, who get the support they need to reach their potential.


Coming soon will be a video of Easter Seals, highlighting the work of the Yagers to help children like Mia. Thanks to the Amway North America staff, the Yager Group, and the Easter Seals UCP for sharing this wonderful story with us. To learn more about Easter Seals, visit www.easterseals.com.

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