Immersive experience in Tibet

Nov 12, 2012

“I thought environmental pollution in Tibet was caused by natural disasters, while environmental pollution in a big city like Guangzhou was caused by artificial factors. When I got to Tibet, I learned something different.”

These words came from Zou Aitong, a student of Guangya Experimental School in Guangzhou. Recently, she and 30 other students joined 11 peers in Nyingchi for a four-day workshop called the Green Print Program, organized by Amway and environmental education partners.

Nyingchi is a prefecture in southeastern Tibet in western China, containing some of the world’s highest mountains and deepest canyons. It is considered as one of the few pure lands on earth that have not been disturbed by humans.

Guided by environmental experts, 41 students measured wind speed and ultraviolet radiation, drew maps, studied mountain ecology and tried out solar-powered model car racing.

For the first time, these students from Guangzhou experienced the power of nature and the potential threat of pollution. Meanwhile, students from Nyingchi learned how to protect their beautiful lands.

Thanks to Vivian Yuan Yuan and Christy Xin for sharing this story.

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