Kicking Since 2002

Nov 14, 2012

About ten years ago, in anticipation of the launch of the Amway One by One Campaign for Children, we looked around the world to see what our people were doing to help children in their local communities. 

In South Korea, we found a small soccer program with a big story.

Soccer is wildly popular across Korea, and many children grow up playing. In fact, when we visited a Child Welfare Center in Seoul last year, children in the crowded neighborhood played on the roof of their building.

Yet not every child can afford the team fees and equipment to compete with their peers, particularly groups of families from different countries that may not understand the language and culture, and that struggle financially.

The Nutrilite Soccer Teams (named after Amway’s Nutrilite brand of vitamins) was established in 2002 as a sports and nutrition program for children of ethnically diverse families in South Korea. The children who were often misunderstood and suffered from discrimination were given a chance to join their peers and develop a common bond, creating a build bridges across international cultures.

Today, the program is still going strong, and was recently profiled in Joongang-ilbo.

Play on!

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