Learning through experience

Nov 19, 2012

Sixth-grade student Wang Wenbo never thought he could have such interesting afterschool classes: reading club, making kites, making puppets and learning musical dramas. Even for urban children in China, some of these courses are hard to come by.

Since Spring, the Amway Charity Foundation has been supporting hands-on classes that expand the learning of underprivileged children. They are called “One by One Interest Classes.”

Wang counts the days until Friday, when he and his schoolmates from a migrant school in the suburbs of Shanghai go downtown to attend classes.

Wang and his family moved to Shanghai when he was just five years old so his parents could find work. He kept up on his studying whenever they moved, spending a lot of time reading and building his interest in the world around him.

The One by One Interest Classes offer a way for Wang and others to now experience many of the things that, before, they only read about in books.

This Friday, it’s kite making, and as they learn, their kites begin to soar … and so do their imaginations.

Thanks to Vivian Yuan Yuan and Christy Xin for sharing this story.

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