In good company

Nov 23, 2012

The Amway One by One Campaign for Children is largely a grassroots movement driven by Amway distributors and employees worldwide. Empowering and supporting our people to help address needs for children in their local communities is highly effective for a global, diverse company like Amway.

But how do we measure our impact?

We’ve been able to track $166 million raised, 2.5 million volunteer hours, and 9.5 million children impacted. These are great measures that demonstrate scale and quantitative reach. We also channel our efforts into four issue categories to ensure we are focused: LIVE (basic needs), LEARN (education), ACHIEVE (special needs) and PLAY (access to recreation and play spaces).

But what difference is it making?

Most companies are struggling with this same question. Amway recently joined a pilot group through the Association of Corporate Contribution Professionals to try a measurement model established by the London Benchmarking Group. Widely used among major companies in Europe, the model looks at your total inputs, the simple outcomes and leverage of these social investments, and the long-term impacts that they achieve.

There are so many needs and so many ideas for how to make a difference. Amway One by One will continue to seek tools and partnerships so we can ensure that we are mobilizing the most resources we can, and also making the most lasting change in our local communities.

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