A little help goes a long way

Dec 04, 2012

This story was sent by Doan Thi Dieu Thuy, our colleague from Amway Vietnam: 

“What is it?” asked a small, brown-haired boy sitting next to me, looking over his gift bag.

Toothpaste, shower cream and raincoat. Also, a school bag with notebooks, pens, pencils and ruler.

“Great! Toothpaste for dad, shower cream for mom … no … raincoat for dad since he is always on the farm … toothpaste for my younger sisters … they like it.”

What about the school supplies?

“For me and my sisters too.”

How many sisters do you have?

“Five. But just one goes to school like me. I can teach them reading and writing. I’m in third grade. But I can’t teach them much longer. My dad told me we don’t have enough money to let me go to school next year.”

Our story continued till the boy, named Le Thai Quan, was called to the bus. After school, he helps his parents in field, looks after his sisters and does housework. Despite having little time for study, he continues to distinguish himself with high marks.

Le Thai Quan is the first child of a poor family in Tan Tho, Vietnam, but a new opportunity is coming his way.  He is now one of 600 children in Nong Cong and Nhu Thanh, the poorest areas in Thanh Hoa central province, who will receive educational and medical assistance from Amway Vietnam in partnership with the local government.

“There are similar situations around these communes,” says Tam, a Vietnamese official from the Thanh Hoa Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA). “Children must quit school as they have no money for study. Government sponsorship is not enough for all of them.”

“Every child is an opportunity for a better life,” says Amway Vietnam General Director How Kam Chiong. “That is our long-term commitment for the future development of the country.”

Our little friend’s prospects are changing. He will go to school. He will share his knowledge with his family. And his future will be bright.

Thanks to Doan Thi Dieu Thuy and Ha Dang Ngoc Thu for sharing this story. 

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