AFRICA: Leveraging our Expertise and Partnerships

Jan 11, 2013

In Africa, two significant partnerships became a focus in 2012. One was in our flagship country of South Africa, the other in Zambia.

First, we expanded on a program that addresses the need for more desks in schools located in high poverty communities. Approximately 4 million South African children do not have a classrooms desk and there is little space to put desks in many schools, even if they were available.

Amway is partnering with the Archbishop Desmond Tutu to provide lapdesks to children, called “Tutudesks” in South Africa and beyond. Amway has already provided hundreds of lapdesks, and hopes to deliver 7,000 in 2013, with support from Amway distributors and employees in Europe as well.


Further North in the country of Zambia, Amway continued to invest and monitor a program with a micronutrient solution developed by our scientists, called Nutrilite Little Bits. Designed to work within local health programs for young children at risk of chronic malnutrition, Nutrilite Little Bits is showing incredible promise. In a single year, the children we first met showed dramatic signs of improvement in health, energy level and enthusiasm.


Through partnerships with local organizations and leaders, and commitments to leverage our expertise to create solutions for those most in need, 2012 was a year of hope and opportunity in Southern Africa.

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