The Campaign

The Amway One by One Campaign for Children is a global movement of Amway and its more than 3 million distributors and employees. It started in 2003 as a way to consolidate giving and volunteer efforts on a single cause: helping children in need. While global in nature, it empowers Amway distributors and employees to identify the most compelling local needs, then mobilize people and partners to make a difference.

The Impact

We track the impact of our efforts for children in the more than 80 countries and territories where we operate, working through hundreds of nonprofit organizations, government entities and other local organizations. To date, the Amway One by One campaign has helped more than 9.5 million children, through contributions of $166 million and 2.5 million volunteer hours.

The Stories

This blog gives us a forum to share the amazing work that takes place every day for children. The stories range from simple gifts to strategic partnerships. Along the way, we share our learnings to advance the understanding of children’s issues, as well as the solutions that work.

Award-Winning Blog

The Amway One by One Campaign for Children blog was recently recognized by PR News for the Best CSR Blog for the stories we share and our use of this blog as a strategic communications tool, both inside and outside of Amway.

The Bloggers

Jesse Hertstein is editor and lead writer of the Amway One by One blog. He works at Amway headquarters in the United States, and has visited programs around the world for Amway. He serves as strategic consultant to Amway affiliates and CSR leads worldwide, helping them to build strong partnerships that channel the passions of Amway distributors and employees, and living our company’s vision of Helping People Live Better Lives.

The stories come from around the world. Writers and content providers include Amway CSR leads in different countries, Amway distributor and employee volunteers, and Amway One by One community partners. Their stories and voices paint a bigger picture of the Amway One by One movement … and mobilize others to action to meet the needs of children.