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Puppy Dog Eyes – For the Blind

Thursday, 17 July, 2014

Imagine losing your sight.

How would you get to work? Catch up with friends? Pick your kids up from school?

Everyday activities like crossing a road or driving a car are taken for granted by many New Zealanders. Yet for more than 11,000 who are blind or have low vision, simple can be a real challenge.

That’s why Amway staff in New Zealand pulled out their rolling pins and put on their aprons to bake delicious Red Puppy Bikkies to help raise funds for the Blind Foundation to support local guide dogs.

Guide dogs help visually impaired people maintain their independence by moving around hazards, negotiating traffic, visiting the supermarket or riding a bus.

With funds raised from the Red Puppy Bikkies, cute little puppies go through two years of rigorous training.

Once they graduate as guide dogs there is not much these little furry friends can’t do … and not nearly as much standing in the way of people reaching their potential, regardless of their ability to see.

Thanks to Alison Hush and Antonia Krunes for sharing this story.

Different Communities, Common Partners

Wednesday, 25 June, 2014

Amway people support hundreds of organizations around the globe, many that you will never hear about.

But a few organizations surface over and over, as key partners that employees and Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) are passionate about.

One is Ronald McDonald House Charities. It serves families who have children in the hospital by providing those families with housing and meals during a difficult time.

Amway volunteers in the United States and Germany can be found doing renovations, making meals and raising funds for the cause.

More recently, the Senior Manager of Amway New Zealand shared a story of how local staff and IBOs hosted 60 people at the local Ronald McDonald House in Auckland.

The volunteers served a warm, three-course meal for parents with seriously ill children.

So while they may not know it, volunteers across the world are sharing a common partner, and a common mission, to make life a little better for their neighbors.

Thanks to Simon Bennett for sharing this story, and for Diamonds Simon and Yvonne Godfrey and Christine Muller, and IBOs Trish and Talbot Murray for joining us in this project.

I Heart Kids

Friday, 9 May, 2014

Amway Australia launched a new partnership with HeartKids Australia in November last year as part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations.

This video tells the greater story of the impact of HeartKids, including the personal stories of Hannah and Memphis.

Click here to watch on YouTube.

Thanks to Antonia Krunes for sharing this story.

Amway Australia Announces New Partnership

Wednesday, 29 January, 2014

Sometimes we choose causes to support, and sometimes causes choose us.

Amway Australia has announced a new partnership that came to us through a groundswell of support by Amway Business Owners and employees.

HeartKids Australia helps children with heart disease, which is one of the biggest killers of children under the age of one in the country. In our first project with HeartKids, the One by One Foundation in Australia committed $50,000 to help fund CoaguChek units for children on anticoagulant therapy, to prevent blood clotting.

The CoaguChek unit allows children to monitor their blood from home, eliminating the need for regular and lengthy visits to hospitals for testing. This will help improve the lives of more than 32,000 children living with heart disease around Australia.

We can’t wait to hear more stories as this partnership unfolds.

Thanks to Kevin Lowe and Antonia Krunes for sharing this story.

A little help from our friends

Tuesday, 19 November, 2013

When your job is to mobilize people to help children, you end up with some great friends willing to walk alongside you.

Here are some friends of Amway One by One with their own perspectives and words of encouragement. Enjoy!

AUSTRALIA: Teresa Palmer, Movie Actress, Artistry Global Face

LATIN AMERICA: Torre Nelson, Habitat for Humanity

PHILIPPINES: Enchong Dee, Actor, Amway Spokesperson, IBO

USA: Kurt Warner, Former NFL Football Pro, Nutrilite Spokesperson

USA: Liz Bracken, Elves and More

AUSTRIA: Dr. Patricia Ogilvie, Artistry Scientific Advisory Board

KOREA: Choi Ju-Hwan, Korean Association of Welfare Centers

USA: Bridget Clark-Whitney, Kids Food Basket

INDONESIA: Amway Business Owner Leaders

AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND: Michial Coldwell, Amway General Manager

USA: Special Tribute from Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

Project Announcements: Australia and New Zealand

Tuesday, 22 October, 2013

Amway Australia has worked with a variety of partners, supporting programs driven by employees and ABOs and even spending time volunteering during their incentive trips.

On November 20, our Business Centres across Australia and New Zealand will be hosting events to help raise funds for children. Staff will also be participating in various activities such as volunteering to help disabled children at a Special Olympics day, improving a children’s play area at a local hospital, donating Christmas presents and packing hampers for children in need and raising funds at a special Morning Tea.

We can’t wait to hear the stories!

Tomorrow, we will reveal the November 20 projects in Japan.


If you look good, you feel better

Friday, 30 August, 2013

One of the many challenges cancer sufferers face is dealing with the changes to their image such as hair loss and skin discolouration. It can leave them feeling pretty down about themselves.

That’s why Amway New Zealand is proud to help people feel better about themselves by donating over $3000 worth of ARTISTRY and beautycycle products.

The products will go towards the makeover workshops for Look Good… Feel Better, a free volunteer community service to help manage the appearance-related side-effects that may be caused by cancer treatment. Many Amway Independent Business Owners help at the workshops.

“We hope our donation will help women rebuild their confidence as they go through their cancer treatment,” said Simon Bennett from Amway New Zealand.

Thanks to guest writer Alison Hush for sharing this story.

Surf’s up in Australia!

Monday, 8 July, 2013

Who believes there should be no barriers for kids living with a disability?

For many disabled Australian children, it is has always been a dream to ride a wave on a surfboard. A $5,200 donation from the One by One Foundation helps purchase equipment to bring this dream to life. 

A local Amway distributor shared with us the great efforts of the Disabled Surfers Association in helping children to surf. Amway leaders chipped in by providing a beach wheelchair and safety devices.

The result is an incredible experience.

“Sam’s mum Fran has never seen him so animated. You can see the sandcruiser wheelchair with its big tires which can float and get across the sand,” said Ashley Gardner, Vice President of the local Disabled Surfers Association.

Surfing in Australia is one of our great joys and past times. These donations help remove barriers to surfing for scores of disabled children. And some wonderful volunteers make the experience possible.

Happy surfing for everyone!

Thanks to guest blogger Antonia Krunes for sharing this story.

A Growing Network of Caring

Tuesday, 28 May, 2013

Last year, we introduced you to Jim and Nancy Dornan, and their son Eric. They’ve helped to make Power Soccer an opportunity and an inspiration for hundreds of people in power wheelchairs.

But that’s not the only thing they do.

They built Network of Caring, an organization that supports many projects for children around the world, led by Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs). We recently received an update on their latest projects.

The Special Olympics Asia Pacific Games are coming to Australia next December, and Network of Caring is already there with a $100,000 sponsorship, led by local IBOs who will help provide medals to the athletes.

The woman in this photo, taken in South Africa, was helped out of a wheelbarrow and into a new wheelchair through Free Wheelchair Mission, one of nearly 5,000 provided by Network of Caring. This month, they shipped another 550 to Odessa, Ukraine for people in the Kiev area.

Finally, Network of Caring was established in a new country. After years of working in India with the Karuna Sharan Orphans Home and Ambassador High School as well as sponsoring children through World Vision, Network of Caring will finally exist as an officially organized indigenous charity in India.

The Power Soccer story was just one of many examples of how Amway people are identifying the greatest needs for children, and responding with generosity and creativity.

Thanks to Jim and Nancy Dornan, who set a vision and lead by example.

Celebration time becomes giving time

Friday, 5 April, 2013

Amway distributors from Australia and New Zealand shared their celebration with the local community at the annual Achievers incentive trip in Thailand last month. In addition to donating sports equipment, distributor leaders donated their time to help renovate a local school in Phuket. They volunteered more than 1,000 hours painting dormitories, restoring the sports field and building a new welcome garden.


As Michial Coldwell, General Manager of Amway Australia & New Zealand shared, “Hundreds of Amway distributors from across Australia & New Zealand have qualified and worked really hard to come to Phuket on a great business trip, yet they are here in a school in Phuket giving up their time in order to help paint and renovate this school which was affected by the tsunami. This is all about unifying people across cultures to accomplish one common goal: helping children.”

Click here to see the full photo album. Thanks to Antonia Krunes for sharing this story, and congratulations to all of our Achievers!