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Fighting Global Childhood Malnutrition in Europe

Friday, 18 July, 2014

Amway Business Owners and staff are joining Raise Your Hand events around the world to help fight global childhood malnutrition with the Nutrilite Power of 5 campaign.

We just received an update from Europe, where more than 12,000 handprints have been collected!

Here are a few photos from these events.






Thanks to Sarah Wellner from Puchheim, Germany,  for sharing these stories.

Seeking the top REAL role model

Friday, 25 April, 2014

Amway UK just launched its annual quest to find Britain’s Top Real Role Model.

The campaign, in its fourth year, aims to address the lack of positive role models for youth.

The contest seeks “pioneering, inspirational businesswomen whose stories will ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in others.”

One day in Europe

Thursday, 6 February, 2014

The biggest challenge in coordinating volunteer activities across Europe is diversity. Amway does business in 29 countries – that’s a pretty big mix of languages, cultures and personalities.

Amway Business Owners and employees across Europe are engaged in supporting many local causes. But our best successes have been when we join hands across countries to focus on single efforts, like raising money to immunize children in Kenya, or building preschools in Turkey, or providing portable desks in South Africa.

On November 20, Amway Europe proved once again that we can make a big difference when we all work together.

Amway Business Owners and staff across 29 countries joined forces to sell, purchase and donate product packages throughout the month of October. Then, in November, volunteers spent 2,593 hours packing and distributing the products to organizations in their local communities that help children. This included orphanages, food banks, hospitals and many others. 

More than 10,000 personal kits were distributed to underprivileged families and children. That’s the power of unified action!


Thanks to Karin Schmid and Sarah Wellner for sharing this story. You will see more stories from our Amway Universal Children’s Day in the coming weeks.

CSR Strategies From Our Future Leaders

Friday, 31 January, 2014

The best way to understand the future of corporate social responsibility may just be to ask the young people who will be in charge one day.

Amway Ukraine held an International Student CSR Contest that asked university students to develop a corporate social responsibility strategy for Amway. The finalists would present their plans to Amway executive management for feedback and insights.

Students from 26 teams across 20 universities worked for two months before submitting plans, and 8 teams were selected by an independent jury panel and invited to the Amway office in Kiev.

Here are the top three selections, starting with the winner of the contest:

EAST UKRANIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY students proposed a program called, “Amway Evercare.” It included a framework of CSR strategies tied to supply and demand, which called for volunteer work that was locally organized using digital technologies.

NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF KYIV-MOHYLA ACADEMY students offered to launch a two-day comprehensive program to help children from orphanages and boarding schools, combining four areas of corporate social responsibility: care for children, business development through financial literacy, care for the environment and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

NATIONAL FORESTRY UNIVERSITY OF UKRAINE students presented an engagement program for Amway Business Owners and employees through environmental activities like planting trees and bushes in parks and suburban areas, building green playgrounds near schools, gardening and conducting ecologically-oriented training.

Amway leaders were excited and energized by such great ideas and passion from this next generation of leaders. We expect our CSR efforts to grow stronger as a result.

Special thanks to our partners: the Center for CSR Development in Ukraine; the Ukrainian Association for Management and Business Education Development; and the Academy of Labor, Social Relations and Tourism.

One day in Russia

Monday, 30 December, 2013

On November 20, more than 500 Amway Business Owners came together – not in one place, but all over the country.

Over the past few months, Amway Russia has rolled out a new charitable foundation, and a new initiative called, “To Children With Love.” Amway leaders and local partners aim to elevate issues of positive parenting, while providing tools and learnings to prevent abuse and help parents raise healthy children that reach their full potential.

So it was no surprise that the focus on Amway Universal Children’s Day was to help out at crisis and rehabilitation centers, the partners that can have the most impact on helping both children and parents in need.

Some volunteers helped to renovate the inside and outside of the buildings where children live or visit to receive services. Others hosted classes for families to encourage positive interactions. At other locations, volunteers provided toys and coloring books to children and makeovers to young girls.

On this special day, Amway volunteers gave a taste of what is to come in Russia through advocacy, giving, volunteering and care – one person at a time, one by one.

Watch for more stories about our global volunteer day.

A little help from our friends

Tuesday, 19 November, 2013

When your job is to mobilize people to help children, you end up with some great friends willing to walk alongside you.

Here are some friends of Amway One by One with their own perspectives and words of encouragement. Enjoy!

AUSTRALIA: Teresa Palmer, Movie Actress, Artistry Global Face

LATIN AMERICA: Torre Nelson, Habitat for Humanity

PHILIPPINES: Enchong Dee, Actor, Amway Spokesperson, IBO

USA: Kurt Warner, Former NFL Football Pro, Nutrilite Spokesperson

USA: Liz Bracken, Elves and More

AUSTRIA: Dr. Patricia Ogilvie, Artistry Scientific Advisory Board

KOREA: Choi Ju-Hwan, Korean Association of Welfare Centers

USA: Bridget Clark-Whitney, Kids Food Basket

INDONESIA: Amway Business Owner Leaders

AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND: Michial Coldwell, Amway General Manager

USA: Special Tribute from Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

From the road: South Africa

Wednesday, 6 November, 2013

We spent last week in the air, on the road and in the schools, traveling to Queenstown, South Africa to visit a project supported by Amway Business Owners across Europe and Africa.

In fact, we traveled with Anja Schwarz, who represents one of the top Founders Council organizations in the world, based in Europe. This is part of a larger initiative we’ve been working on over the past few years to scale up the work of some of our highest-achieving leaders.

Anja and her father, Max Schwarz, have been involved in a number of Amway One by One projects over the years. Most recently, she helped out in a national volunteer project to support families at Ronald McDonald Houses, where parents stay when their children are in the hospital.

Anja was also part of an Amway-UNICEF delegation that visited Kenya in 2007 to monitor healthcare programs that immunized 90,000 children through the support of Amway Business Owners. And when Anja’s mother passed away in 1997, she and Max also started the Marianne Schwarz Foundation to help other families across Europe that are battling leukemia.

It is inspiring to see the next generation of our leaders setting the example of generosity and caring, that extends beyond borders and beyond continents.

Tomorrow’s blog post will introduce the Tutudesk program that provides lap desks for students - an amazing story in itself. But first, here are some images from the trip.

Project Announcement: Russia

Wednesday, 30 October, 2013

Amway Russia has taken a strong stand on a number of issues related to child wellness, and that leadership will be activated on November 20.

Over the past few years, Amway Russia has renovated children’s playrooms in government hospitals across the country. They have supported sports programs that pair children with disabilities with typically developing children to enhance learning and understanding.

And most recently, Amway Russia established its own charitable foundation with a focus on raising awareness and funds to prevent child abuse and encourage positive parenting through national telephone hotlines and online parent training.

On November 20, Amway Business Owners will support the “To Children With Love” program that aims to promote responsible parenthood, strengthen family values and prevent child abuse.

Amway Russia employees and local ABOs will volunteer at crisis and rehabilitation centers for children and parents, as well as other organizations that support families. Activities will include classes for children and parents, renovation of buildings where children live or where the aid agency is located, and cleaning up outside areas.

Volunteering, advocacy and support – all will be on full display in Russia on November 20. 

Check back tomorrow for the project announcement for the United States.

Project Announcement: Europe

Thursday, 24 October, 2013

You can find many different Amway programs supporting children in each of the 29 countries across Europe.

In addition, the region has joined together to focus on single initiatives, like the partnership with UNICEF that raised funds to immunized more than 90,000 children in developing countries, or the Tutudesk program that has provided thousands portable desks to students in South Africa.

Amway Europe will offer Amway Business Owners two charity product packages with a price reduction of 25% during the month of October. In November, these products will be sent to the country offices and together with ABOs and employees, volunteers will pack them into individual kits for disadvantaged children and their families.

This will happen in different places throughout the countries to ensure lots of hands can join in the good work!

Tomorrow on the blog, we will announce November projects in Hong Kong.

Amway Ukraine helps children “get well soon”

Wednesday, 14 August, 2013

In the United States, we tell people who are sick to “get well soon.”

Amway Ukraine is making it possible for a greater number of children with heart surgery to get well soon … faster.

Amway Ukraine donated a record-breaking amount of $79,000 USD to the Scientific and Practical Children’s Center of Cardiology and Cardio Surgery.

The center plans to use the donation to purchase a “kontrapulsator”—a Ukrainian technology that will aid in the recovery of numerous children from heart surgery.

From all of us, we would like to wish each and every child a speedy recovery!

Thanks to Sarah Wellner for sharing this story, and to guest writer Bryleigh Loughlin.