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Recognition Near and Far

Thursday, 17 April, 2014

We often talk about the millions of Amway Business Owners and their positive impact on local communities. But we also have 21,000 employees that are highly engaged in our programs and passionate about their local communities.

At our headquarters in West Michigan, USA, Amway was recognized for mobilizing our employees with the Best CSR Program in Ragan’s 2013 Employee Communications Awards.

And on the other side of the world, Amway Vietnam received the Golden Dragon award for its “strategic vision and long-term commitment to invest in the domestic market.”

The award focused on our quality, our great employee worker conditions, green manufacturing processes and business transparency. The judges included editors from the Economic Times of Vietnam.

Thanks for all the great efforts of our employees!

10 Years, 10 Million Children

Thursday, 24 January, 2013

We have reached an important milestone.

The Amway One by One Campaign for Children has been transforming lives for 10 years.

What started as a corporate initiative in 2003 has become a grassroots movement of Amway distributors and employees helping children around the world. While Amway affiliates build alliances with local partners, it is the 3 million distributors and 20,000 employees who have helped us to bring our efforts for children to scale.

At the end of 2012, we have counted 10 million children who have been positively impacted through Amway One by One.

Actions include building hospital playrooms in Russia, enabling better nutrition at schools in rural China, providing customized bikes for children with disabilities in Australia, constructing homes in Guatemala and mentoring urban youth in the United States. There are more examples in every region where Amway does business.

Amway One by One has always been about inspiring and encouraging individual actions for children in need. Now, looking back over ten years, we see a beautiful mosaic of hope, inspiration and generosity.

Thanks to everyone who has joined Amway to build better lives for children in our communities.

This year, we celebrate these accomplishments and recognize the work of so many Amway people. But we also challenge ourselves to deepen our efforts, and will close the year with a demonstration of collective support for children in need, around the world.

Merry Christmas around the world!

Friday, 21 December, 2012

Here are a few ways that Amway people are making during the holidays:

We kicked off the holiday season at Amway world headquarters in Ada, Michigan, with a talent show of Christmas songs, dances and performances. Amway co-founder Rich DeVos read the Christmas story, as he has for many years.

Amway colleagues in Tokyo, Japan celebrate Christmas with an orange ribbon tree lighting ceremony with Santa. Amway Japan collects orange ribbons to raise awareness of child abuse, and makes donations for every orange ribbon received to focus on prevention and treatment of child abuse.


More than 150 Amway employee volunteers organized Santa’s Secret Workshop events for 500 students at Burton Elementary school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There, students could find affordable gifts for their parents, and volunteers helped them shop and wrap them up for Christmas.


Amway partnered with Ulsan Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation and Amway Business Owner volunteers to organize a Christmas event for children from low-income families in South Korea.

In New York City, Amway announced a donation of $300,000 in gifts for children through the Today Show Toy Drive on national television.


In China, Amway will sponsor the fourth New Year charity concert at the Xinjiang People’s Hall with proceeds from the ticket sales supporting schools for deaf children.

Amway Italy organized the donation of 3,500 jars of Amway pasta sauce to Opera S. Francesco, a national government organization that delivers meals to the those in desperate need.

Fifty children from low-income families had their wish come true when they were given the presents they wished for by Amway staff and Business Owners in Germany. Working through the Multi-Generation House and the Food Bank in Puchheim, children were asked to write down their wishes which were placed on Christmas trees in the Amway head office and experience center, so Amway Business Owners and staff ABOs could choose and fulfill each wish.


Amway Austria donated 10 Euros to UNICEF for every seat sold at a special Christmas concert performed by talented teenage artists. The special musical, “Last Christmas,” was specially written for them and included rock and punk hits, as well as Christmas classics. The matching donations and an additional raffle raised 5,201 Euros.


Finally, Amway employee Kraig Haybarker made Christmas special as he does every year, by volunteering his time as Santa.

We hope you find special ways to give and receive this Christmas. See you next year!

Teaming up with the NBA

Wednesday, 19 December, 2012

Our CSR team wasn’t just in Orlando for Power Soccer last week. We also kicked off a new partnership with NBA teams and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN).

The Orlando Magic and Golden State Warriors basketball teams, along with Amway and GAIN, joined a campaign called Future Fortified, which is raising awareness and funds to help children live, grow, and learn through access to good nutrition.

During last Friday’s game, Amway and Future Fortified brought together local business leaders, philanthropists, activists and basketball fans to discuss the best approaches to help children get a good start in life through good nutrition. 

At the game, fans learned about nutrition through a new video, pre-game events and on-the-concourse activities.


Poor nutrition is the underlying cause of 1 in 3 childhood deaths worldwide. Future Fortified helps women and children around the world access essential nutrients during the critical 1,000 days from a woman’s pregnancy to a child’s second birthday.

Thanks to Jeff Terry and David Madiol for sharing this story.

Employee Play Dates

Friday, 19 October, 2012

Children love to have play dates – a time for their friends to visit and spend time having fun together.

But for those in shelters following abuse,  neglect or abandonment, it can be a sad time when visitors are few and far between.

Amway employees in southern California have been taking time to make sure children at the Orangewood Children’s Home have regular visits from their friends.

Last month, a group of volunteers spent time with children at Orangewood. They even brought earthquake preparedness kits and held an earthquake drill to teach them emergency skills.

And earlier this summer, they helped to host a family picnic and carnival over the weekend for Orangewood foster families, which included more than 600 kids and adults with food, games prizes and fun activities.

When is the last time you offered your time to play?

Thanks to Machelle Cox for sharing this story.  

A United Way

Tuesday, 18 September, 2012

It’s Campaign Week at Amway headquarters in West Michigan!

But this isn’t a sales drive – instead, it’s the biggest fundraising and volunteer recruitment effort of the year, working through the United Way.

The United Way mobilizes the caring power of volunteers, donors, agencies and community partners to improve the quality of life in local communities, particularly for the underserved. Donations collected by the Heart of West Michigan United Way support more than 60 agencies across West Michigan, with a focus on improving education, health and employment in our community.

Amway has coordinated a campaign for years, and employees have stepped up to the challenge, providing more than $600,000 each year in donations, which are matched by the company with $.50 for every dollar donated. Fundraising ranges from the simple (direct donations and payroll deductions) to the dramatic (bake sales, silent auctions and motorcycle rides among others).

The campaign is hands-on too. Each year, time is set aside for a community-wide “Day of Caring,” full of service projects by individuals and corporations for United Way partners. Amway employees show up in full force, mentoring children and providing manual labor to clean up camps and centers that serve children.

It’s an important time of year, a “united way” of lifting our community, and we’re proud to be a part.

Starting interns on the right path

Friday, 17 August, 2012

An important part of the Amway intern experience is learning about our emphasis on volunteering.

Every year, Amway interns put on a children’s carnival in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan in conjunction with Urban Family Ministries. The goal is to give at-risk youth an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends.

This year, not even a little rain could spoil the festive spirit, as more than 300 children came out to enjoy games, food, and arts and crafts, supported by 60 interns.

Giving kids a chance to relax and play in a safe environment is one of the important roles Urban Family Ministries plays in our local community, and Amway is proud to collaborate and create unique opportunities to enrich the lives of children.

Thanks to Kyle Van Andel for sharing this story, and thanks to all of our dedicated interns who are learning how we live out our values at Amway.

Literacy: an opportunity

Monday, 30 July, 2012

Imagine a young girl, whose teacher assigns a report. She immediately gets nervous and considers her options: get someone else to do it, accept a failing grade, leave school altogether … or admit she can’t read.

Perhaps she does what she can to get through the school years and enters the workforce to support her family. One day, her boss assigns an online questionnaire. Will she find a way around it, leave her job … or admit to a problem that still persists?

Illiteracy and low literacy regularly keep people from achieving their best – and often lead to desperate decisions.

According to UNESCO, more than 774 million young people and adults do not have the basic literacy and numeracy skills they require to participate fully in society. That’s almost one in five of the adult population.

A recent report noted that while literacy is on the rise globally, in some regions of high population growth, the absolute number of those without literacy is actually growing.

So what can we do about it?


The most immediate way to help is to roll up your sleeves and work with someone who needs extra assistance. At Amway headquarters, our employees regularly exchange letters from students at schools with low literacy rates. This simple act motivates children to practice their skills and get rewarded by meeting their “pen pal” each year. Amway distributors in the United States also work directly with at-risk children whose parents have been incarcerated. And Amway distributors in Taiwan and Korea help children with their homework through afterschool programs.


In some communities, access to books and reading materials is a major barrier, and an investment in providing resources can make all the difference. In Thailand, the Amway Flying Book program sends books to remote, rural areas of the country. In China, the Amway Project Sunshine program builds school libraries for children of migrant families. In India, the Amway Opportunity Foundation provides Braille books and specialized computers for visually impaired youth.


Sometimes schools and desks are in short supply and prevent learning from taking place. In South Africa, Amway has sponsored customized Lap Desks where schools do not have enough resources and space to have a desk for every child. In Turkey, Amway has built preschools in poor, remote areas with funds raised by distributors and employees across Europe.

One of the best ways to unlock the potential of a child – or an adult – is to help them to read. In big and small ways, we can help right now, right where we are.

Amway and employees recognized by the Governor

Tuesday, 24 July, 2012

The Amway One by One Campaign starts at home. In our local community, we engage many employee volunteers, support many causes, and lend our expertise to improve children’s lives.

Last night, Amway and our employees were recognized for these efforts by the Governor of Michigan through the Michigan Community Service Commission.

Amway received the Governor’s Service Award for Corporate Community Leadership by Governor Rick Snyder himself after being nominated by longtime playground building partner, KaBOOM!

Our employees give approximately 20,000 volunteer hours each year, raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the United Way campaign alone, and serve on more than 100 nonprofit boards.

Knowing the character of our employees, they would continue to serve whether or not they receive formal recognition. Still, it was a great honor to be acknowledged by the Governor and the Michigan Community Service Commission for these efforts.

Thanks to all of our employees who are out in the community every day, investing in our future by investing themselves in the lives of children.

Thinking differently about people with differences

Wednesday, 13 June, 2012

Guest blogger Shelia Burks shares her experience with a recent volunteer project for Special Olympics.

My first experience with a special needs person was right in my own back yard. My cousin Angelo had Downs Syndrome. He was just a regular person to me. I learned sign language to talk to him so we could communicate better. And we did.

Angelo passed away, but he left this place in me that caused me to befriend the “different” kids at school. To stop the bullies from pushing them around, I’d walk to classes with them. I recruited a few of my other friends and we became a kind of army.

While I have always held a special place in my heart for individuals with special needs, I never volunteered for Special Olympics. After my first experience at the Special Olympics, my life will simply never be the same.

I volunteered to help the swimmers. Watching these children and young adults was life-rewarding. They choose to compete when the world says you’re different.

The first moment that I found myself on my feet cheering was for the young lady who was wheeled out to the pool. She had one arm that was mobile and no leg mobility. She finished last, but she finished.

I watched a young man do the 400 (that’s 8 laps in the pool!!) and beat his personal record time, even though he came in last place.

I had several epiphanies.  First, maybe they are not the ones with “challenges.” Maybe we as “normal” individuals are. How often do we, who have few challenges, give up? How often do we not even try?  We throw in the towel.

We get complacent….but not them.  They took their challenges and made them work for them, and they FINISHED.

I saw athletes come in last and the crowd cheered them on and when they finished they were proud of themselves. I recalled the Bible scripture that says that the race is not given to the swift or the strong but to the one who ENDURES.

You can’t endure if you don’t start, so what do you need to start today?  What do you need to pick back up to finish? The crowd – your close circle – will cheer you on. Endure!

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

– Special Olympics Athlete’s Oath