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Join Us to Remember Hope

Tuesday, 18 March, 2014

Last week, Amway Japan announced the location of a second community house it will build in the Fukushima prefecture. Their words are a stirring tribute to the victims of disaster who are easily forgotten if we do not take steps to help …

Today is March 11th.

Three years.

Already three years. Still three years.

Where you are, what you are doing, what your position is, or what you see. Time should be objective, but sometimes it is not the case.

You cannot avoid seeing in the news that time is stealing the spotlight from the disaster areas. However, recovery is still ongoing and it will take a long time.

REMEMBER: The events of that day can never be forgotten.

HOPE: Delivering hope is one of the fundamentals of Amway.

These two ideas are embodied in the Remember HOPE initiatives.

The Amway Japan One by One Foundation proudly announces that the second Amway House will be built in the Fukushima prefecture.

The building will be completed by the end of November in Soma City, where there are many places damaged by the earthquake – not only material, but also human.

Amway will continuously help the community to recover by offering several programs, just as we did with the first house in Minamisanriku.

We also need support from as many of you as possible.

You can visit and volunteer in the communities, and you can contribute wherever you live.

It is simple. Like or Share our Facebook post.

The Amway Japan One by One Foundation will donate 10 Yen for each like or share. We will count likes and shares until April 11th.

We prefer one step for 100 people, instead of 100 steps by a single person, so many more people will not forget the day.

Click here for the Facebook post, or visit for more ways to help (Japanese).

Thanks to Kafuu Toh and Takashi Aoki for sharing this story.

One Day in Japan

Tuesday, 28 January, 2014

November 20 was a chilly day in northern Japan, where 70 Amway Business Owners and employees gathered to build a new playground for a community center that Amway had constructed just months before.

The project is called Remember Hope, because many have already forgotten those whose lives were devastated by an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in 2011.

For Amway Universal Children’s Day, volunteers wore coats and hats while they hammered, painted and planted the new playground for children in the surrounding community.

Four days later was the ribbon cutting ceremony. Finally, the sun came out to warm the faces of the children who experienced the playground for the first time. Like a blessing, it connected volunteers with community members, one by one.

Project Announcement: Japan

Wednesday, 23 October, 2013

Amway Japan was one of the first major companies in that country to acknowledge the widespread and growing issue of child abuse and the need to respond. The Orange Project helped raise funds and awareness through orange ribbons, and through the support of programs like the Afan Forest Project, which provides outdoor therapy for children in the mountains of Nagano.

More recently, Amway has invested in Community Homes to rebuild hope and spirits of those affected by tsunamis and flooding. It’s a project called Remember Hope and Amway Japan leaders and local Amway Business Owners have committed to building 8 to 12 over the next four years.

On November 20, efforts in Japan will focus on the Amway Community Homes by building a playground for children. The project will cover the whole week, with playground construction and tree planting beginning on November 16, and a ribbon cutting with children and residents from the local community on November 24.

It will be a weeklong demonstration of service and generosity in Japan!

Watch the blog tomorrow for a project announcement in Europe.

Remember Hope

Wednesday, 28 August, 2013

Do you remember the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011?

The quake, the tsunami and the nuclear disaster dominated headlines for weeks. Then, slowly, most of us forgot. There are still many in the affected areas who struggle. And one of the primary needs is to reunite communities for individuals and neighborhoods.

In partnership with local governments and nonprofit organizations, Amway and its distributors are providing solutions, with the first ever “Amway Community House” that was opened in the Tokohu district last month.

The Community House will be a hub of activity for children and families who need a safe place to congregate and rebuild their bonds with each other.

Remember Hope is the name of the project, which aims to build 8 to 12 community homes in affected prefectures in the next 4 years. Led by Amway executives and Amway distributor leaders, funds are raised through individual and corporate donations, and Amway volunteers will help maintain the centers and support meaningful programs.

We remember, and we hope for a better world.

Thanks to Kafuu Toh for sharing this story.

A roundup of leader stories

Tuesday, 11 June, 2013

The last story in our leadership series on this blog is a roundup of activities from some of our top leaders that we have not yet visited.

While their stories are no less compelling, we have not captured them in photos and videos … yet.

Foo Howe Kean was recognized for reaching an impressive Founders Council milestone this year. Perhaps even more impressive, he continues to quietly give to a number of organizations, including those that help children in Taiwan and China.

Kauro Nakajima is a longtime supporter of the visually impaired in Japan. He supports Seeing Eye dogs to help out children and adults, and he recently partnered with Amway to sponsor a program that trains a “therapy dog” to help out in hospitals.

Bill and Peggy Britt from the United States have been longtime supporters of Easter Seals. Bill Britt passed away this year, but his legacy of generosity continues through Peggy and top leaders of the Britt organization, who continue support, from fundraising walks to black tie galas.

After Max Schwarz’s wife passed away from cancer, he and his daughter, Anja Schwarz, started a foundation to help children with cancer in their home country of Germany and across Europe. Anja has also been a longtime supporter of UNICEF.

Sunny & Debra Hsu from Taiwan are actively supporting children’s causes, both through programs led by Amway, and programs they find on their own. From helping youth with enrichment classes to supporting the launch of the Amway Hope Maker Foundation, Sunny & Debra are leaders in generosity.

We hope to profile more of these leaders’ stories this year and beyond. We’re also building an online storytelling portal at Check it out!

Adjusting your strategy when disaster strikes

Friday, 22 February, 2013

Last week, we received an update from SOS Children’s Villages on the groundbreaking of a village of homes for orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti. This news comes nearly three years since a massive earthquake killed 200,000 and displaced millions of Haitians.

For some, three years is just too long to wait. But major disasters call for a different strategic approach to humanitarian support, particularly from companies.

Ever since the Southeast Asian Tsunami in 2004, we have put systems in place to monitor and respond to major disasters, especially in communities where we have employees and distributors. We were among the first companies to respond to the Sichuan earthquake in China, the tsunami in Japan, and the recent storms in the US.

Haiti is no exception. Amway and its people raised more than $1 million for relief efforts, primarily through the American Red Cross, and we used our corporate planes to transport medical and humanitarian aid professionals immediately to the affected areas. But we also set aside funds for long-term rebuilding through Amway One by One.

It’s easy to walk away once the emotion settles and the cameras go away. But that is often when our help and long-term commitment is needed the most. Few may realize that the effects of the earthquake in Haiti are still felt, and more than 350,000 still live in tent camps.

SOS Children’s Village has done amazing work in building partnerships to establish an additional village in Haiti, a place already known for difficult land ownership rights and in additional bureaucratic turmoil when the earthquake took away many staff and records.

Today, we see the investment pay off, and we see a foundation that will serve many children into the future, providing a family environment and a future for those who need it most.

10 Years, 10 Million Children

Thursday, 24 January, 2013

We have reached an important milestone.

The Amway One by One Campaign for Children has been transforming lives for 10 years.

What started as a corporate initiative in 2003 has become a grassroots movement of Amway distributors and employees helping children around the world. While Amway affiliates build alliances with local partners, it is the 3 million distributors and 20,000 employees who have helped us to bring our efforts for children to scale.

At the end of 2012, we have counted 10 million children who have been positively impacted through Amway One by One.

Actions include building hospital playrooms in Russia, enabling better nutrition at schools in rural China, providing customized bikes for children with disabilities in Australia, constructing homes in Guatemala and mentoring urban youth in the United States. There are more examples in every region where Amway does business.

Amway One by One has always been about inspiring and encouraging individual actions for children in need. Now, looking back over ten years, we see a beautiful mosaic of hope, inspiration and generosity.

Thanks to everyone who has joined Amway to build better lives for children in our communities.

This year, we celebrate these accomplishments and recognize the work of so many Amway people. But we also challenge ourselves to deepen our efforts, and will close the year with a demonstration of collective support for children in need, around the world.


Monday, 21 January, 2013

Continuing our journey around the world to review the best programs of 2012, we look at two island countries that are among Amway’s top producing markets. Both are innovative in their approach to CSR and helping children.

In Japan, Amway continued to lead in advocacy efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect through the Orange Project during the holidays. Amway was one of the first companies to vocalize this issue, and continues to mobilize its distributors to action.


Amway Japan is also supporting two innovative projects that help children in the greatest need. The first uses a specially trained dog to offer therapeutic services to children in pediatric hospitals. The second is a specialized home for foster children – the first corporate partnership of its kind with the Japanese government and local charitable organizations.


In South Korea, Amway kicked off the Green Frogs Creative Thinker Project, an amazing collaboration between nonprofit, government and university partners, coordinated by Amway and supported by Amway distributors and employees with volunteering and donations. The program works with underprivileged youth and teaches them to solve problems in innovative ways.


We also had an incredible opportunity to visit Leonard and Esther Kim, who are among the most successful Amway distributors in the world. Their success in the Amway business inspired them to form the World Wide Children’s Charity, which mobilizes Amway distributors from across South Korea to help locally, and around the world.

Merry Christmas around the world!

Friday, 21 December, 2012

Here are a few ways that Amway people are making during the holidays:

We kicked off the holiday season at Amway world headquarters in Ada, Michigan, with a talent show of Christmas songs, dances and performances. Amway co-founder Rich DeVos read the Christmas story, as he has for many years.

Amway colleagues in Tokyo, Japan celebrate Christmas with an orange ribbon tree lighting ceremony with Santa. Amway Japan collects orange ribbons to raise awareness of child abuse, and makes donations for every orange ribbon received to focus on prevention and treatment of child abuse.


More than 150 Amway employee volunteers organized Santa’s Secret Workshop events for 500 students at Burton Elementary school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There, students could find affordable gifts for their parents, and volunteers helped them shop and wrap them up for Christmas.


Amway partnered with Ulsan Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation and Amway Business Owner volunteers to organize a Christmas event for children from low-income families in South Korea.

In New York City, Amway announced a donation of $300,000 in gifts for children through the Today Show Toy Drive on national television.


In China, Amway will sponsor the fourth New Year charity concert at the Xinjiang People’s Hall with proceeds from the ticket sales supporting schools for deaf children.

Amway Italy organized the donation of 3,500 jars of Amway pasta sauce to Opera S. Francesco, a national government organization that delivers meals to the those in desperate need.

Fifty children from low-income families had their wish come true when they were given the presents they wished for by Amway staff and Business Owners in Germany. Working through the Multi-Generation House and the Food Bank in Puchheim, children were asked to write down their wishes which were placed on Christmas trees in the Amway head office and experience center, so Amway Business Owners and staff ABOs could choose and fulfill each wish.


Amway Austria donated 10 Euros to UNICEF for every seat sold at a special Christmas concert performed by talented teenage artists. The special musical, “Last Christmas,” was specially written for them and included rock and punk hits, as well as Christmas classics. The matching donations and an additional raffle raised 5,201 Euros.


Finally, Amway employee Kraig Haybarker made Christmas special as he does every year, by volunteering his time as Santa.

We hope you find special ways to give and receive this Christmas. See you next year!

Lead on Yogi!

Friday, 14 September, 2012

In Japan, a special dog named Yogi walks the halls of the Shizuoka Children’s Hospital.

This is no ordinary dog. It is a highly trained “Therapy Dog,” part of a special program that aims to speed the recovery of children in hospitals.

Amway Japan was introduced to the Therapy Dog program through the Tyler Foundation, which helps children with childhood cancer. The program has touched the lives of 980 children in Japan since the first Therapy Dog, Bailey, began working with children in 2010.

Yogi was trained in the US with special skills to provide affection and comfort to children in times of pain and stress.

We’ll be following Yogi’s progress, and hope to share stories on the impact he is making on children in Japan.

Thanks to Kafuu Toh for sharing this story.