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A new kind of partnership in Japan

Wednesday, 22 February, 2012

Children in Japan who enter state protection following child abuse, or the death or incapacity of parents, traditionally have two paths: they enter a childcare facility or they are placed in a foster home.

Childcare facilities care for 30,000 children, while foster parents can only host about 3,600. Both systems are overwhelmed and it is becoming increasingly difficult to give children recovering from traumatic situations the care they need.

A new partnership model between Amway Japan, Crop Minori and the Japanese government is creating a solution that draws on the strengths and resources of each sector.

At the heart of the partnership is a Family Home for children. Family Homes are run by nonprofit workers and experienced foster parents, providing a home environment for a small number of children with caring adults who establish a stable environment where family-type relationships can flourish.

In 2009, the government created 126 homes across Japan. As part of this new partnership, the new Amway One by One Family Home has been established just outside Tokyo, near the mountains and ocean. The government will sponsor the needs of the children, Crop Minori will help to provide staff and programming and Amway will sponsor the rent of the home and provide volunteers.

Every institution has a role to play in the care of children. This innovative partnership blurs the lines of responsibility among business, nonprofit, government and volunteers, giving everyone a chance to create a bright future for children in need.

Thanks to Hideya Tateno for sharing this story.

Returning the smile to a child

Friday, 10 February, 2012

Taking children from the family home is an extreme situation, and requires a group of caring, dedicated individuals to help children recover, and restore their smiles.

For 11 years now, Amway Greece has been helping children who suffer from abuse and neglect by supporting the Smile of the Child Foundation.

The organization provides shelter, counseling, medical support and long-term assistance to children, in coordination with families and governmental agencies.

Amway not only donates funds and products, but employees and Amway Business Owners in Greece also organize programs for the children to feel normal, have fun, and experience new things.

Last month, Amway staff took 60 children from different Smile of the Child shelters on a trip to visit the Museum of Natural History with the participation of 60 children from different shelters.

Their smiles were evident, and gave us hope that their futures will be bright.

Thanks to Karin Schmid and Vivian Tzanni for sharing this story.