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Surf’s up in Australia!

Monday, 8 July, 2013

Who believes there should be no barriers for kids living with a disability?

For many disabled Australian children, it is has always been a dream to ride a wave on a surfboard. A $5,200 donation from the One by One Foundation helps purchase equipment to bring this dream to life. 

A local Amway distributor shared with us the great efforts of the Disabled Surfers Association in helping children to surf. Amway leaders chipped in by providing a beach wheelchair and safety devices.

The result is an incredible experience.

“Sam’s mum Fran has never seen him so animated. You can see the sandcruiser wheelchair with its big tires which can float and get across the sand,” said Ashley Gardner, Vice President of the local Disabled Surfers Association.

Surfing in Australia is one of our great joys and past times. These donations help remove barriers to surfing for scores of disabled children. And some wonderful volunteers make the experience possible.

Happy surfing for everyone!

Thanks to guest blogger Antonia Krunes for sharing this story.

Manufacturing Hope in Taiwan

Monday, 16 January, 2012

This year, Amway Taiwan marks 13 years of support for the Hope Maker program. Guided by the goal of “offering opportunities for people to pursue self-reliance,” Hope Maker provides jobs for those who have been severely burned, who suffer from oral cancer, or who have had other significant accidents that prevent them from entering society.

People like Wan-rou.

Wan-rou, who has a pair of clear and beautiful eyes, used to have a cheerful character. However, she lost everything immediately after a gas explosion. After the incident, she tried very hard to look for a job but failed.

Through the Sunshine Foundation, Amway’s Hope Maker partner, Wan-rou was given training and a job making high-performance cleaning towels. The towels are a special promotional item sold by Amway distributors in Taiwan, with the proceeds going to education programs for disadvantaged children.

Wan-rou has more difficulty sewing the mops than other people. However, she never complains because she has found a new start in the Hope Maker work team. Thus, every product is a handcrafted labor of love, providing a new life of hope for the workers.

Through the partnership of Amway, its distributors, employees and caring friends in Taiwan, we have collected than NT$ 53.4 million (US$1.74 million) for the Hope Maker program, helping more than 18,000 people over the years.

This year, Amway Taiwan plans to offer the program year-round, providing more jobs, helping more children with their education, and offering more opportunities for people to live generously.

Thanks to guest writer Julie Wu for sharing this story.

Indoor sports shine a warm light in the wintertime

Friday, 13 January, 2012

In our hometown, sports that don’t include snow and cold have moved indoors.

The same is true in Russia, where finals of the Equal in Sport soccer program took place last month in Moscow. Nine teams from five cities participated, with some young players experiencing their first trip in an airplane to arrive in the capital city.

Through the Equal in Sport program, Amway works with Perspectiva to provide the opportunity for low income and special needs children ages 11 to 14 to compete in soccer games with their peers. The winning team visits a famous soccer team. Last year, it included a trip to Italy to visit AC Milan.

One 12-year-old boy who showed amazing talent, really affected the hearts of our volunteers. His family does not have the resources to pay for a uniform or league fees, and he often skips meals because there is not enough food at home. Yet through this program, his dream is alive to play for one of the best clubs in the world.

On the same team is an 11-year-old who suffers from cerebral palsy, which makes it hard for him to walk and he often falls down. But through this experience, he is calm and comfortable with his team. His teammates are patient and helpful, and he shares with them his vast knowledge about the best Italian soccer clubs – Milan and Juventus are his favorites.

As the weather turns cold outside, the friendships shine an inspiring light for the world to see.



Thanks to Karin Schmid and Julia Urakcheeva  for sharing this story.