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One day in the Dominican Republic

Thursday, 13 February, 2014

Over the next few weeks, we are recapping some of the stories that happened on our Amway Universal Children’s Day.

In the Dominican Republic, we often work with Amway Independent Business Owners who are physicians. This helps us to serve populations that do not have regular access to healthcare.

On November 22, our volunteers heard a mix of laughs and cries. The physicians were administering critical vaccinations to fight preventable diseases.

While the shots sometimes caused tears, volunteers joined the doctors to make sure there were gifts, food and hugs to speed the children along to good health.


Thanks to Rut Amaro for sharing this story.

Project Announcement: Caribbean

Thursday, 14 November, 2013

Amway Dominican Republic has had two major partnerships that stretch out over many years. The first is an organization that provides lifesaving heart surgeries for children who cannot afford them. The other is a preschool that serves an impoverished area that has been “adopted” by Amway and Amway Business Owners, who provide food, medical services and other support to children and families.

Nearby, in Puerto Rico, Amway IBOs support an affiliate of Easter Seals called SER, which helps children with disabilities.

For November 20, Amway leaders in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are calling Amway IBOs to volunteer in their local communities, with a particular focus on existing partners.

We look forward to great work across the islands! 

North America: Diverse Region, Diverse Partnerships

Monday, 7 January, 2013

Our journey around the world continues as we zoom out to the regional level, extending from Canada to the Caribbean.

In the US, we saw the fruition of a three-year partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America in 2012. Amway Positive Sprouts helps teach city children about nutrition through building edible organic gardens. A new kit developed last year will ensure that the program continues to grow.

We also saw the expansion of a partnership with the US Dream Academy, which mentors children whose parents have been incarcerated. Amway invited some lucky Amway Independent Business Owners to Washington DC to learn more about the cause they were supporting and attend the annual gala.

In 2012, we met Jim and Nancy Dornan in Atlanta, Georgia. The Dornans created Network of Caring to help children around the world, including those in power wheelchairs. They have helped scale up Power Soccer to an international sport, and a meaningful community of caring.

One of the biggest stories of the year was reaching the 30-year partnership milestone with Easter Seals. Started originally by Amway, Independent Business Owners have picked up this partnership and made it their own, raising more than $30 million over the years for people with disabilities, through many creative ways of support.

Our team visited the Yager family in Charlotte, North Carolina, where we saw a longstanding commitment from two generations of Amway IBO leaders in helping children with special needs. Amway and its people continued to participate in fundraising walks around the country. We even partnered with Easter Seals centers on the East Coast to help with relief efforts following Superstorm Sandy.


The Easter Seals partnership does not end at the US borders. Amway and IBOs in Canada regularly rappel down skyscrapers to raise money for the cause. Amway Dominican Republic and Amway Puerto Rico also have established partnerships with Easter Seals affiliates to help children with special needs.

And just recently, the US announced an exciting new partnership that will bring the famous “We Day” to this country for the first time, collaborating with Free the Children.

And so the year in North America ended as it began, with a flurry of opportunities and activities that are making a profound difference in communities around us … one by one.

Heart to Heart in the DR

Friday, 9 November, 2012

More than a decade ago, Amway co-founder Rich DeVos received a heart transplant that dramatically improved his health and vitality.

Today, Amway Business Owners and employees in the Dominican Republic work with Amway One by One Campaign for Children to provide life-changing heart surgeries for kids.

A new video on the Amway Dominica Facebook page docuents the stories of two youth in their own words. Click here to check it out.

Thanks to Rut Amaro and Ruben Familia for sharing this story.

Leading by example

Thursday, 5 January, 2012

You can’t succeed in the Amway business without helping others to succeed, and giving them some inspiration.

Amway Independent Business Owners Victor and Julia Cid in the Dominican Republic have been inspiring others by helping children in need.

In the Dominican Republic, Amway sponsors a daycare facility in the Parrish of San Martín de Porres that works with low income families to give 46 children an early start on their education. Since 2008, Amway has helped with meals, teacher salaries and daily vitamins for the students.

The Cids wanted to do more for the children. So they organized a medical drive with doctors in their Amway downline. Through these efforts, they provide anti-parasite medicine for the children and paid for school uniforms.

The volunteers recently came together to host a holiday celebration with the children, and to teach them about science and health.

With Amway’s matching donations, the project is making a positive impact on the families, and setting an example for others to follow.


Thanks to Ruben Familia for sharing this story.