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Cold Winter, Warm Story

Monday, 3 February, 2014

While those of us at Amway headquarters battle snow and ice, Amway Business Owners and employees in Guatemala are working under the heat of the Zacapa sunshine.

Each year, teams from the US, Central America, South America and the Caribbean descend on Guatemala to build homes alongside families who need them.

This Habitat for Humanity project goes back nearly a decade, and is responsible for funding and building entire neighborhoods of homes in remote areas of the country.

Last week, volunteers carried on the tradition. People of all ages and backgrounds put on their boots and gloves and worked all day – cutting steel rebar, mixing cement, digging trenches and performing the hundreds of other tasks that will prepare the foundations for new family homes.

Habitat for Humanity helps families establish clear land ownership and learn how to maintain their homes. The future owners work with volunteers, doing all of the manual labor required to finish their homes. For many, it will be the first home they ever know.

Most volunteers come back year after year, falling in love with the people, the land, and the experience.

It’s not easy work, but it just may be the best way to spend a week in the winter.

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The Guiterrez family goes home

Friday, 31 May, 2013

For the last few years, new houses have been popping up around Latin America, built by Amway volunteers and given to families in need.

One week ago today, a home for the Gutierrez family went up in Colombia, constructed by the hands of Amway Business Owners, Habitat for Humanity employees and volunteers from the police department.

While the Guiterrez family previously lived in a one-room house made of cardboard and discarded materials, today they have a permanent cement home with a kitchen, living room, bathroom and separate bedrooms.

This partnership was sparked by Amway Founders Council member Tim Foley, who introduced Amway to Habitat for Humanity.

This video tells the story of how things got started.

Thanks to Nancy Cortez for sharing this update.

Latin America: Focusing for Greater Results

Wednesday, 9 January, 2013

In recent years, Amway Latin America focused its efforts through Amway One by One.

While there are still many grassroots outreach taking place in orphanages and schools, the primary focus has been building homes across the region through Habitat for Humanity, and developing a nutrition program that will soon grow into other surrounding countries.

Here’s what happened in 2012:

In Mexico, 400 children were nourished with Nutrilite Little Bits products and other health services with partner Un Kilo de Ayuda:

120 Amway volunteers continued the annual tradition of traveling to Guatemala. This year, 10 homes were built in Usumatlán:

One special family moved into a new home with support from 29 volunteers in Zambrano, Honduras:

In Tijuana, Mexico, 40 Amway volunteers built 2 homes alongside the families who would live there:

One new home was completed by 10 Amway volunteers in San Isidro de Heredia, Costa Rica:

Another home in La Libertad, El Salvador, was completed by 20 Amway volunteers:

Finally, 15 houses were built by 45 Amway volunteers in São Paulo, Brazil, and a donation was made to build 35 more homes affected by recent flooding:

… which means the tradition will continue in 2013!

Contributing to a success story

Monday, 14 May, 2012

Heliópolis is located in the southeast part of São Paulo, in Brazil. The community is divided into 14 plots called “glebas,” where tens of thousands of people live in crowded spaces. It was considered one of the largest slums, or “favelas” in Brazil, but through a process of urbanization, it is improving and now has the status of a neighborhood district.

Amway volunteers have been helping to speed up the development of Heliópolis by remodeling homes for families in need, working with Habitat for Humanity. Last month, 36 Amway Business Owners, employees and suppliers joined Habitat to remodel 15 homes, working alongside the home owners.

Here is a short video documenting their efforts:

Thanks to Nancy Cortez for sharing this story.

Ten new homes – a labor of love

Friday, 2 March, 2012

For 120 Amway distributors and employees in Guatemala, their annual trip ended with tired bodies and happy hearts.

They came from across Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States to begin construction on an entire neighborhood of 40 homes in Usumatán, with land purchased by Amway and top Amway distributor Tim Foley.

This week in, ten of those homes took shape for local families, many who will own a home for the first time in their lives.

The volunteer group gets bigger every year, and as the volunteers make their way home, they are already talking about what they might be able to accomplish during next year’s trip.

Thanks to Nancy Cortez for her remote reporting from Guatemala.

Note: Originally posted incorrectly as 12 homes – corrected to 10 homes on 3/4/2012. -JH

Annual work begins in Guatemala

Friday, 24 February, 2012

A group of Amway employees and Business Owners are making their annual journey to Zacapa, Guatemala, where they begin work on a new neighborhood of houses sponsored by Amway and Tim Foley.

This week, more than 120 Amway volunteers from the US and Central America - the largest Habitat for Humanity group ever in Guatemala – are working on the building of 10 homes alongside the homeowners and their families. It’s hard work, but great experiences for the volunteers and the families.

We will post an update next week!


Constructing a neighborhood of homes in Guatemala

Saturday, 28 January, 2012

Closing out a week of stories about homes, we travel to Guatemala. However, this story encompasses many countries, because many Amway distributors and employees were part of this project.

It started with a group of Amway distributors from the United States, who travel to Guatemala every year to help build homes through Habitat for Humanity.

Last February, the program was brought to a greater scale, when Amway distributors and Amway Guatemala invited the wider Amway family to participate. Amway distributors and employees from the United States, Mexico, Barbados, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Colombia and El Salvador took part in the project, constructing 12 homes for families.

Amway also contributed $500,000 toward the purchase of land, matching the $250,000 gift of Tim Foley, longtime Amway distributor and Amway Founders Council member. This will enable more than 40 homes to be constructed over the next 5 years.

This program was the inspiration for the launch of a formal partnership between Amway and Habitat for Humanity that stretched among the five other countries whose stories we covered this week.

Look for more projects in 2012!

Quality homes for families in Costa Rica

Friday, 27 January, 2012

In November, the Amway-Habitat for Humanity campaign extended to Costa Rica through a campaign that raised funds from the sale of select Amway products and through donations of a portion of annual renewal fees.

In total, $15,000 was collected by Amway Costa Rica and donated in November toward the construction of homes for families in Peñas Blancas, San Ramón de Alajuela. Amway volunteers helped in the construction of those homes.

Stay tuned for one of our largest Habitat for Humanity projects in Guatemala, which we will cover tomorrow!

A place to go home to in El Salvador

Thursday, 26 January, 2012

Today’s story takes us further north to Central America – in La Libertad, in the municipality of San José Villanueva.

Amway El Salvador worked with Habitat for Humanity to hold a “Buy a Brick” campaign, where Amway matched donations by its distributors and employees.

More than $14,000 was raised for the project, covering the construction of two homes for families in need.

In October, Amway distributors and employees dedicated three days of volunteer time to build with the families, who now live in their own homes.

Check in tomorrow to see our next project in Costa Rica!

Renovating homes in Brazil

Tuesday, 24 January, 2012

Continuing our series on home building in Central and South America, today we travel to São Paulo, Brazil for a Habitat for Humanity project that took place in September

At the Jardim Vale das Flores (“Garden Valley of the Flowers”), Amway distributors and employees renovated two homes for families in need.

Amway volunteers participated in the renovations, as well as donated $4,700 to cover the expenses.

Amway Brazil is also working with Habitat for Humanity to identify projects to support families that were devastated by severe flooding in Rio de Janeiro, with new homes to be built in 2012.

Watch for our next story from Colombia tomorrow!