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From hopes to dreams

Thursday, 19 December, 2013

The Amway Hope Maker Foundation in Taiwan has launched a new campaign that helps children pursue their dreams.

The Pursue Your Dream Campaign asked children to share their dreams for what they want to be when they grow up. Some of the best applications covered a range that included sports competitions, education, art and culture

A 12-judge panel included government officials, celebrities, and the Foundation board and senior Amway Business Owners in Taiwan. The selected applicants were asked to give a presentation and answer questions in front of the judges. The general public was also asked to vote on their favorites.


Six final winners were awarded Dream Funds totaling NT$7,936,000 (US$ 271 K). They included the sponsorships to three sports teams, a young jazz band composed by several blind players, a college association for children in remote areas, and a canoeing tour around the island that hosted girls who had been abused.


The hope makers are now dream makers!

A visit makes all the difference

Monday, 26 August, 2013

We often give money without really understanding where it goes and who it helps.

Last month, a group of Amway Business Owners in Taiwan decided to visit some of the children that had been helped through the Amway Hope Maker Charity Foundation.

More than 60 volunteers traveled to the Ark Classroom in the remote and impoverished region of Taitung, while they delivered a 100,000 NT ($3,000 USD) donation to support afterschool tutoring and meal programs.

Approximately 80 children from the villages of Tuban, Taiban and Xinhua welcomed the visitors, and spent the day with them.

Each child left with some new friends, and each volunteer left with more wisdom about the needs, and more motivation to make sure each of these children reaches his or her potential in life.

Thanks to Julie Wu for sharing this story. Learn more about Taitung by watching our short film about the Hope Maker project.


Friday, 18 January, 2013

We saw tremendous growth in the impact of programs helping children in Greater China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The Amway Charity Foundation ramped up its support of nutrition programs to help children in rural areas, where parents have moved to the big cities to find work. The Foundation reached a milestone of 700 kitchens renovated through the Spring Sprout program, and was recognized by the Chinese government for these accomplishments.

In urban communities, Amway continued to support educational programs for migrant children in the big cities, where kids don’t always get the same services as their peers. Amway now supports libraries and mentoring programs in 35 cities across China through Project Sunshine.

We even had a chance to visit a couple of these programs and visit some of the top Amway distributors in China, who are actively supporting initiatives for migrant children, giving their time and resources to help.

In Taiwan, Amway launched the Amway Hope Maker Charity Foundation to formalize their longtime support of people with disabilities, and education and nutrition programs for children in remote areas of the country. The Foundation launched nutrition program in 62 primary schools this year.

And in Hong Kong, students took to the roof to increase their exposure to organic gardening. The Amway Organic Farming Program came to 18 primary school districts in Hong Kong. Amway distributors led by example as well, with more than 400 pledging to become volunteer Green Organic Ambassadors and work alongside junior famers as they tend their school-based organic farms.

From the mainland to the islands, Amway is working alongside distributors, employees, and many partners in Greater China to transform the lives of children.

Standing out in Taiwan

Monday, 30 January, 2012

Amway was the only private enterprise to receive an award from the Taipei City Government earlier this month.

The Amway Hope Maker program received recognition for providing job opportunities to underserved populations and sponsoring educational resources for disadvantaged students in remote areas.

The award ceremony was held in the Taipei City Government Hall on January 10, 2012.

Congratulations to Amway Taiwan and all of its Hope Maker partners!

In Taiwan with Holly Chen

Tuesday, 3 January, 2012

Our team had a unique opportunity to visit two of our top Amway distributors in Taiwan who are doing some amazing work for underprivileged children in partnership with Amway Taiwan.

Holly Chen and Barry Chi have achieved the highest recognition possible within Amway and manage their business across 20 countries. Yet they took the time to travel to the southern edges of Taiwan to introduce us to programs that are having a significant impact on children in need.

The Hope School project, led by theologian and child education expert Dr. Huang, provides afterschool and summer programs to children who may not otherwise have access to enrichment classes like sports, language, music and field trips. Many of the children’s parents have moved away to larger cities to find work, and some are orphaned or abandoned. The Hope Schools we visited in Tainan and Taitung provide critical support for these children.

The places we visited were bustling, energetic and full of Amway distributor volunteers in red shirts. The caring reached out to the surrounding communities, where families, churches and schools became a part of nurturing and encouraging the next generation of Taiwanese leaders … one by one.

Below are a few photos from the visit. More of the story, including a video, will be coming soon.


Holly Chen using her past experience as a teacher to help students with their homework


One of many Amway distributors spending time with at-risk children in Tainan


Barry Chi working with a student, with Dr. Huang observing their progress


Baskeball and badmitton recreational time with Amway volunteers


Students in Tainan who attend afterschool programs


Students in Taitung taking part in a special education program for aboriginal children


Amway distributors, Hope School staff and children celebrate their time together


Thanks to Nadia Ding and Julie Wu for their contributions to this story, and to the program.