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A little help goes a long way

Tuesday, 4 December, 2012

This story was sent by Doan Thi Dieu Thuy, our colleague from Amway Vietnam: 

“What is it?” asked a small, brown-haired boy sitting next to me, looking over his gift bag.

Toothpaste, shower cream and raincoat. Also, a school bag with notebooks, pens, pencils and ruler.

“Great! Toothpaste for dad, shower cream for mom … no … raincoat for dad since he is always on the farm … toothpaste for my younger sisters … they like it.”

What about the school supplies?

“For me and my sisters too.”

How many sisters do you have?

“Five. But just one goes to school like me. I can teach them reading and writing. I’m in third grade. But I can’t teach them much longer. My dad told me we don’t have enough money to let me go to school next year.”

Our story continued till the boy, named Le Thai Quan, was called to the bus. After school, he helps his parents in field, looks after his sisters and does housework. Despite having little time for study, he continues to distinguish himself with high marks.

Le Thai Quan is the first child of a poor family in Tan Tho, Vietnam, but a new opportunity is coming his way.  He is now one of 600 children in Nong Cong and Nhu Thanh, the poorest areas in Thanh Hoa central province, who will receive educational and medical assistance from Amway Vietnam in partnership with the local government.

“There are similar situations around these communes,” says Tam, a Vietnamese official from the Thanh Hoa Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA). “Children must quit school as they have no money for study. Government sponsorship is not enough for all of them.”

“Every child is an opportunity for a better life,” says Amway Vietnam General Director How Kam Chiong. “That is our long-term commitment for the future development of the country.”

Our little friend’s prospects are changing. He will go to school. He will share his knowledge with his family. And his future will be bright.

Thanks to Doan Thi Dieu Thuy and Ha Dang Ngoc Thu for sharing this story. 

On Location: Beijing, China, Day 3

Friday, 30 November, 2012

The last couple of blog posts tell of our visit to a remote village in China, learning about the challenges of children whose parents have moved to the cities looking for better work.

Today, we spent time with children who moved with their parents to the cities as their parents seek jobs and economic opportunity.

These “migrant children” have significant needs related to education. Children of migrant families don’t have access to the same government-funded schooling as their urban peers, and need assistance from others to bridge the gap.

Amway is helping by building libraries and supporting other programs for children. We visited the Beijing Hongshan School, one of the recipients of this support.

Victoria Han and Amy Wu joined us. Both are Founders Council level Amway distributors, and big supporters of the Amway urban education program called Project Sunshine. They spent time with students in the new school library, and shared their stories with us.

We have much to consider and much more to share as we wrap up our trip to China. Look for more posts in the weeks to come, as well as a video that will tell the full story of the need of migrant children in China, and what Amway is doing to mobilize others to help.

Big thanks to our hosts Paula Peng, Rowley Luo, and the entire team at Amway China and the Amway Charity Foundation.

Wheels up for China!

Monday, 26 November, 2012

We’ll be traveling to Beijing and Nanning this week, meeting some of our top Amway distributor leaders who have reached the Founders Council level of achievement, and are highly engaged in helping children.

There are two projects we will focus on in our travels, all supported by the Amway Charity Foundation. The first is called the Spring Sprout Project, which helps malnourished children in rural areas of the country. The second is called Project Sunshine, which provides resources to underserved schools in urban areas.

Can’t wait to share these stories when we return!

Learning through experience

Monday, 19 November, 2012

Sixth-grade student Wang Wenbo never thought he could have such interesting afterschool classes: reading club, making kites, making puppets and learning musical dramas. Even for urban children in China, some of these courses are hard to come by.

Since Spring, the Amway Charity Foundation has been supporting hands-on classes that expand the learning of underprivileged children. They are called “One by One Interest Classes.”

Wang counts the days until Friday, when he and his schoolmates from a migrant school in the suburbs of Shanghai go downtown to attend classes.

Wang and his family moved to Shanghai when he was just five years old so his parents could find work. He kept up on his studying whenever they moved, spending a lot of time reading and building his interest in the world around him.

The One by One Interest Classes offer a way for Wang and others to now experience many of the things that, before, they only read about in books.

This Friday, it’s kite making, and as they learn, their kites begin to soar … and so do their imaginations.

Thanks to Vivian Yuan Yuan and Christy Xin for sharing this story.

Immersive experience in Tibet

Monday, 12 November, 2012

“I thought environmental pollution in Tibet was caused by natural disasters, while environmental pollution in a big city like Guangzhou was caused by artificial factors. When I got to Tibet, I learned something different.”

These words came from Zou Aitong, a student of Guangya Experimental School in Guangzhou. Recently, she and 30 other students joined 11 peers in Nyingchi for a four-day workshop called the Green Print Program, organized by Amway and environmental education partners.

Nyingchi is a prefecture in southeastern Tibet in western China, containing some of the world’s highest mountains and deepest canyons. It is considered as one of the few pure lands on earth that have not been disturbed by humans.

Guided by environmental experts, 41 students measured wind speed and ultraviolet radiation, drew maps, studied mountain ecology and tried out solar-powered model car racing.

For the first time, these students from Guangzhou experienced the power of nature and the potential threat of pollution. Meanwhile, students from Nyingchi learned how to protect their beautiful lands.

Thanks to Vivian Yuan Yuan and Christy Xin for sharing this story.

Kudos to Amway India!

Wednesday, 17 October, 2012

Congrats to the employees and business owners of Amway India!

They were recognized for their support of the improvement of education with an award at the Asian CSR Leadership Award ceremony in Dubai last month. 

Amway India has traditionally supported many programs for the blind and visually impaired, with a focus on job skill development and providing Braille textbooks.

Thanks to Yoginder Singh and Raj Narain for sharing this story.

Moving Libraries

Wednesday, 3 October, 2012

What better way to celebrate your birthday than to give presents to others?

Amway Thailand is commemorating its 25th anniversary by giving away 70 “Mobile Libraries” to schools in remote areas of the country to ensure that 300,000 students have access to resources for them to learn.

Through a partnership with the Office of the Basic Education Commission, each Mobile Library will be equipped with essential books and more than 100 encyclopedias.

Nurturing a love of reading is not new for Amway in Thailand and its distributors and employees. They have recorded audio stories for visually impaired children, and they created Flying Book, the first app of its kind to incentivize and track book donations.

The Mobile Libraries will move into communities in December, with more stories and learning to spark the imagination of young minds in the far corners of Thailand.

Thanks to Sri Soekarmoen and Laksana Jenananporn for sharing this story.

New idea sprouts from nutrition program in the US

Wednesday, 26 September, 2012

The third year of a partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of America in the US builds on learnings of the Positive Sprouts program.

Over the past two years, Amway Independent Business Owners and employees have worked with local Boys & Girls Club members to build edible organic gardens, which teach urban youth about healthy eating through hands-on activities and educational programs.

To expand the reach of Positive Sprouts even further, Amway has worked with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to develop a “Garden in a Box” for 150 Clubs across the country that demonstrate an interest and need for establishing a community gardening program at their Club. The kit includes a variety of fruit and vegetable seeds and supplies Clubs need to get started.

Amway will ensure the existing gardens continue, by providing sustainability grants and volunteer involvement. And through Positive Sprouts curriculum, Amway is expanding the delivery of the program to the 4,000 Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide, ensuring that all Clubs have access to educational materials promoting healthy eating habits.

Thanks to Kyle Warmington for sharing this story.

Thinking young in Belgium

Monday, 10 September, 2012

Our students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. As they think ahead to their future, we should be helping to lead the way.

In Belgium, Amway is working with an innovative think tank and youth lobby organization called Think Young, which is preparing future entrepreneurs for life after school.

Over the summer, 80 students took part in a program that provided exposure to the business world, with direct access to successful businesspeople, including Belgian Amway Business Owners.


The conversations focused on the importance of fostering a strong entrepreneurial culture in Europe. Group discussions were followed by an official conference in the European Parliament, hosted by two elected Members of the European Parliament MEP Comi and MEP Zalba.

The best experience is often as simple as available mentors. We can be the models for the future business owners and leaders … if we think young.

Thanks to Karin Schmid and Sarah Wellner for sharing this story.

Earthquake damage in Italy spurs action

Monday, 13 August, 2012

Earlier this year, a series of 34 earthquakes hit the Italian region of Emilia, including a 5.8 magnitude quake on May 29.

In just two months, the quakes caused several deaths and destroyed hundreds of houses and buildings, including some historic medieval architecture.

Immediately following the first wave of severe quakes, Amway Italy Geneal Manager Fabrizio Suaria issued a call to action.

Amway quickly began to provide cleaning and personal hygiene products to those in the affected areas, delivered by Amway Business Owners.

Amway staff also took part, volunteering their time to dismantle an outdoor church that collapsed during the earthquakes, and making plans to return again soon.


In addition, Amway launched a campaign to raise funds. Through the support of Amway, ABOs and employees, a kindergarten that had been completely destroyed in the city of Finale will soon be rebuilt.


Thanks to Sarah Wellner for sharing this story. To view a photo gallery of Amway volunteers, click here and to see a gallery of the school that will be rebuilt by Amway, click here.