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Teaming up with the NBA

Wednesday, 19 December, 2012

Our CSR team wasn’t just in Orlando for Power Soccer last week. We also kicked off a new partnership with NBA teams and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN).

The Orlando Magic and Golden State Warriors basketball teams, along with Amway and GAIN, joined a campaign called Future Fortified, which is raising awareness and funds to help children live, grow, and learn through access to good nutrition.

During last Friday’s game, Amway and Future Fortified brought together local business leaders, philanthropists, activists and basketball fans to discuss the best approaches to help children get a good start in life through good nutrition. 

At the game, fans learned about nutrition through a new video, pre-game events and on-the-concourse activities.


Poor nutrition is the underlying cause of 1 in 3 childhood deaths worldwide. Future Fortified helps women and children around the world access essential nutrients during the critical 1,000 days from a woman’s pregnancy to a child’s second birthday.

Thanks to Jeff Terry and David Madiol for sharing this story.

On location: Long Ma Village, Nanning, China, Day 2

Thursday, 29 November, 2012

We returned to the Long Ma Primary School, another three-hour drive out of the city, across the great fields of sugarcane, and through winding mountain passes.

We stopped along the way for a birds-eye view of the villages, and watched the many people going back and forth with their harvests and produce, each working hard to secure a better life.

Two married couples visited the village today and volunteered – Jack Zheng & Lucy Zhou, as well as Wang Cheng An & Yin Jianping. Both are Founders Council level Amway distributors and significant supporters of the Spring Sprout program. They toured classrooms, served meals, played games and distributed toys.

We had a chance conduct interviews of those in charge of the school, including the county mayor, as well as the Amway leaders. We even talked to some students who were “left behind” by parents that sought work in the cities.

There are some amazing partnerships happening in China through the leadership of Amway in the rural areas. This is only a glimpse, which we will expand into the full story in the weeks to come.

Tomorrow, we visit the city and learn what is being done to help children who join their parents in leaving remote village.


On location: Long Ma Village, Nanning, China, Day 1

Wednesday, 28 November, 2012

After hours of planes, shuttles and busses, we arrived in Nanning, China, then traveled further on to the Long Ma Village, through winding, bumpy roads surrounded by tropical hills.

Sugar cane takes up nearly every acre of arable land in this lush, green area of southern China. The fields are mostly maintained by older people and the few working adults have not moved to the big cities to find work.

For those who do follow China’s economic boom in urban areas to improve their opportunities, they have to decide whether to take their children with them. Many are left behind with grandparents and relatives in quiet towns and villages, where parents send their earnings.

This is the focus of our first visit, and after winding, bumpy roads through beautiful green hills, we arrive at the Long Ma Primary School, where at least 50% of the 361 children have parents away in the cities.

There, we met Jefferson Ren and Miao Dongmei, two Amway Founders Council-level distributors who have been big supporters of the Spring Sprout program, which aims to ensure that children left behind in rural areas have adequate nutrition and are well cared for.

A partnership between Amway, local schools and local and central governments, is outfitting school kitchens and enhancing them with staff and nutritious food.

We spent some time with the students, staff and Amway volunteers, learning more of the story.

Stay tuned for more!


Wheels up for China!

Monday, 26 November, 2012

We’ll be traveling to Beijing and Nanning this week, meeting some of our top Amway distributor leaders who have reached the Founders Council level of achievement, and are highly engaged in helping children.

There are two projects we will focus on in our travels, all supported by the Amway Charity Foundation. The first is called the Spring Sprout Project, which helps malnourished children in rural areas of the country. The second is called Project Sunshine, which provides resources to underserved schools in urban areas.

Can’t wait to share these stories when we return!

Disaster relief from New York to the Philippines

Friday, 16 November, 2012


A delivery is on its way to Easter Seals centers in New York and New Jersey, with 64,000 Amway products to help local families, from laundry detergent to food bars to personal care items. Amway Independent Business Owners will help with the distribution.

This is phase two or our disaster relief efforts, and adds to the $70,000 raised on our website by Amway IBOs and employees for the Red Cross, which will be matched by Amway.

A little over a year ago, a similar effort was underway.

Incessant monsoon rains flooded the streets in Barangays Sumilang and Bagong Ilog in Pasig cities in the Philippines. The government declared a state of emergency. Residents left their houses, businesses and farm lands to seek for shelter. Clean water and food were scarce. 

Amway Philippines General Manager, Leo Boon Wang, led a group of employees to help 300 families affected by the rain. They rolled their sleeves, put on their rubber boots and braved the pouring rain to deliver survival bags full with emergency items. 

Working with local government, Amway Philippines volunteers did what they could to provide immediate relief to those families in need.

It is reassuring to know that when major disasters strike in our communities, Amway people are there to help out.

Heart to Heart in the DR

Friday, 9 November, 2012

More than a decade ago, Amway co-founder Rich DeVos received a heart transplant that dramatically improved his health and vitality.

Today, Amway Business Owners and employees in the Dominican Republic work with Amway One by One Campaign for Children to provide life-changing heart surgeries for kids.

A new video on the Amway Dominica Facebook page docuents the stories of two youth in their own words. Click here to check it out.

Thanks to Rut Amaro and Ruben Familia for sharing this story.

Run ABOs Run!

Thursday, 8 November, 2012

Amway Business Owners are running all around Europe, and raising money for children: 

In the Netherlands, 100 Amway Business Owners and staff ran in the Dam to Dam Run to raise money for African schools through UNICEF. 

In honor of each Amway team participating in the Vienna Business Run, Amway made a donation to Children Cancer Relief in Austria. 

In the UK, Amway’s Team Nutrilite participated in the British 10K Run to raise money for Special Olympics Great Britain to help children with learning disabilities.

Amway sponsored the Bucharest International Marathon in Romania, where 80 Amway Business Owners and employees participated in the events. The marathon raises money for several charity partners, such as Little People, which helps families dealing with cancer.

Amway encouraged children to be the runners in the small town of Zbąszyń in Poland, where 12 runs were organized for children, with awards provided by Amway.

In Germany, Amway Business Owners raised money for children at the UNICEF Run to support water projects for families in need.

Four Amway staff in Denmark ran a half marathon to support the Danish Foundation, Julemærkefonden.

More than 50 Amway teams participated in a relay race in Sweden to support the Swedish foundation Friends, which helps children who are being bullied at school.

Cheers to running for better health and a better world for children!


Thanks to Sarah Wellner for sharing these stories.

Work in China covered by Boston College

Tuesday, 6 November, 2012

Our efforts to fight malnutrition in China through the Amway Charity Foundation were profiled in a blog from Boston College through its Center for Corporate Citizenship!

Click here for the link.

Tracking the effects of Hurricane Sandy

Thursday, 1 November, 2012

Here in the US, we’ve been watching the hurricane situation unfold across the east coast this week. More than 111,000 Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) are located in the affected area, a significant portion of our US population, as well as a several employees.

According to Sandy Spielmaker, Vice President of Sales for Amway North America, “Our first priority has been to reach out to determine if everyone is OK, and reports so far indicate that all are safe.”

That’s good news, although we do know that some IBOs have had severe damage to their homes, and may have trouble getting orders for their business. Amway is holding some orders until East Coast terminals are operating or alternatives are identified.

As we do in the event of major disasters around the world, Amway is collecting donations for the American Red Cross on We will match these donations up to $100,000, and will continue to monitor the situation to determine if more help is needed.

Thanks to all of you who have offered your words of support, your prayers and your donations.

An update from Zambia

Friday, 28 September, 2012

In July, Amway staff visited Lusaka, Zambia to monitor a program that uses Nutrilite Little Bits to support the nutritional health of children. We partner with the Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia, an agency on the ground that provides food, medicine and education to support mothers and children.

Chronic malnutrition affects roughly 45 percent of children in Zambia, and the Nutrilite Little Bits micronutrient intervention, added to any native food, contains 15 vitamins and minerals that provide nourishment and fortification to a child. Currently, 229 children in six communities in Zambia benefit from Nutrilite Little Bits.

The monitoring trip highlighted dramatic improvement in health of the children in the program, both in technical results and real-life stories.

Amway team members who were in Zambia last year were deeply moved by the improvements in the children – with greater health, higher activity levels … and more smiles. A little bit is going a long way!

Thanks to Jeff Terry for sharing this story.