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New York Times Square!

Friday, 8 November, 2013

Check out this snapshot of Amway One by One on the Jumbotron in New York City Time square:


If you are in the area, you may see our thanks and call to action for the big day on November 20. Feel free to share and use our hashtag #amwayonebyone.

We would also love to see your photos on Instragram. Just tag them with #amwayonebyone and you will see them begin to pop up on our map around the world, especially on the Amway Universal Children’s Day November 20 … less than two weeks away!

*Note that to make it to the Instagram map, you have to tag your location, and be sure your privacy settings are set to public.

1 Million: Substance Meets Scale

Wednesday, 25 September, 2013

Zoom in. Way in.

A child in rural China sets off for school. Grandparents and cousins live in a one-room house with no heat and little to eat.

Her parents set off for the big city six months ago to trade the farm for the factory. But they haven’t made enough money to send home yet, so she scrapes by.

But this girl’s school offers hope. In addition to an education that can lift her out of poverty, she receives a hot, nutritious meal every day from clean facilities managed by trained staff. The menu changes each day and is full of meat, vegetables and rice.

Zoom out. Way out.

Amway China President Audie Wong stands on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative. His team has built partnerships that have resulted in 754 “Nutrition Kitchens” built through the Spring Sprouts project.

It is no longer a pilot program, but an effective model supported by the Amway Charity Foundation and Amway Business Owners and employees across China … and even from other countries. The Chinese government believes in the program, investing up to 6 dollars for every 1 dollar Amway invests.

To bring the program to scale, President Wong makes a public commitment to build 2,000 more kitchens in the next two years, which will reach 1 million students.

The story of children with migrant parents happens every day. The story of our commitment does not. It happened yesterday, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for educated, well nourished children in China.

Here’s a link to more.

Audie Wong photo credit: @Clinton Global Initiative / Clinton Global Initiative CGI Annual Meeting 2013 Plenary Session Healthier Futures: Prioritizing Prevention

It’s not your average walk.

Wednesday, 17 July, 2013

This was the sentiment as we took in the Easter Seals Walk With Me event in New York last week. Standing across the street from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, there was an electric buzz in the air.


Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) filled the park – from full-time leaders of massive international networks to second generation up-and-comers, to new entrants into the business.


Yet they weren’t the only element that made this walk a special mix. The children and families who benefit from Easter Seals services were right there with us, meeting IBOs, trying Amway products, and getting autographs from Miss America.


Before the walk kicked off, there was a moment of silence for Bill Britt, who passed away earlier this year. Bill and Peggy Britt are among the highest achieving Amway leaders in the world, and they helped to inspire many leaders in their network to support Easter Seals over a 30 year partnership that has raised more than $32 million for children and families, much of it from local community efforts like those in the New York area.

To kick off the walk, the Britt team presented a check for $50,000 that was raised for this event (the event would net $225,000 overall). This was heaped on top of another $50,000 that the Britt team gave at the annual Paving the Way black-tie gala the week before.

Fresh off a visit to the Easter Seals Bronx Child Development Center earlier in the day, the event brought home the importance of these gatherings, and how in the end, the benefit we receive outweighs the investment we make. 

Thanks to the Britts, the Galas, the Nardones, the Pappalardos, the Pavlides, the Callendars, the Melillos… and the many other IBO leaders who invited us into this special community of Easter Seals supporters in New York. Click here for more photos.

Humbled in the Bronx

Tuesday, 16 July, 2013

“Your child has special needs.”

It’s a diagnosis no parent wants to hear. Immediately, they begin to think about the implications of a life with great challenges. Simple milestones like walking, talking or picking up a toy will require therapy, practice and patience.

In The Bronx, New York, parents face even more obstacles, because they often cannot afford the custom services their child needs. Many do not speak English, which makes it difficult to advocate for their son or daughter.

That’s where Easter Seals steps in. Powered by caring workers, dedicated volunteers, and generous supporters, at the Easter Seals Child Development Center in the Bronx, miracles are taking place. Here, they serve more than 100 preschool-aged children, providing classroom experiences, physical, occupational and speech therapy, in a loving, creative environment.

We spoke to Patricia Cosom, who told us about her son Fantia, age 5. He was born with fluid in his ears that caused hearing loss and other development delays. In a few years at the Center, big changes have happened.

“When he first came here, he fell anywhere from 30 to 50 times a day,” Patricia says. “The falling is zero, no more falls. Before coming, he was totally non-verbal. I could not communicate with him in any kind of way.  They’ve taught him sign language, how to communicate, how to meet his needs without having to throw a temper tantrum. I can actually understand what he’s saying, what he’s trying to say.”

Fantia greets all of the guests at the center, walking up and shaking their hands. You would never know that he had so much to overcome. You would never know he once had problems recognizing people and their names.

Another Mother, Natasha Miranda, talks about the milestones that her daughter Leslie, age 4, has reached. “She plays. She reads. She writes a lot.  She talks. She interacts with the kids and the staff,” Natasha says. “Staff will literally call you and say your child is doing great. I love how she’s doing.”

On Friday, we visited the Center with Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) who are regular visitors, and regular supporters.

Amway IBOs have visited the Bronx Center many times, and use stories like Fontia’s as inspiration to give, volunteer, serve on local boards, and inspire others to get involved. The Easter Seals partnership with Amway spans more than 30 years, and has raised more than $32 million.


Many point to leaders like Bill and Peggy Britt, Amway IBO leaders and members of the Amway Founders Council, who have integrated giving and service into their lifestyle, and encouraged others to get involved.

How do they do it? Check in with us tomorrow to learn about Walk With Me.

Thanks to Patricia Cosom, Natasha Miranda, Angela Torres, Tom Renart, John McGrath and the entire Child Development Center staff for their hospitality and dedication to the children they serve. Click here for more photos.

Wheels up for New York City!

Thursday, 11 July, 2013

This week, we are traveling to New York City to attend the annual Easter Seals Walk in the Bronx!

Amway Independent Business Owners have supported Easter Seals for more than 30 years, raising $30 million for children and adults with disabilities. One of the biggest groups of supporters is in the New York area. We look forward to capturing their stories and the positive impact the work is having on children there.

Much of this work is inspired by longtime Amway IBO leaders Bill and Peggy Britt. Stay tuned for more on their story, and the ripple effect their generosity has had over the years.

Watch for live updates and photos on Twitter at hashtag #amwayonebyone

Disaster relief from New York to the Philippines

Friday, 16 November, 2012


A delivery is on its way to Easter Seals centers in New York and New Jersey, with 64,000 Amway products to help local families, from laundry detergent to food bars to personal care items. Amway Independent Business Owners will help with the distribution.

This is phase two or our disaster relief efforts, and adds to the $70,000 raised on our website by Amway IBOs and employees for the Red Cross, which will be matched by Amway.

A little over a year ago, a similar effort was underway.

Incessant monsoon rains flooded the streets in Barangays Sumilang and Bagong Ilog in Pasig cities in the Philippines. The government declared a state of emergency. Residents left their houses, businesses and farm lands to seek for shelter. Clean water and food were scarce. 

Amway Philippines General Manager, Leo Boon Wang, led a group of employees to help 300 families affected by the rain. They rolled their sleeves, put on their rubber boots and braved the pouring rain to deliver survival bags full with emergency items. 

Working with local government, Amway Philippines volunteers did what they could to provide immediate relief to those families in need.

It is reassuring to know that when major disasters strike in our communities, Amway people are there to help out.

Celebration of a longtime partnership

Wednesday, 12 September, 2012

One of the longest-standing partnerships – which even predates the Amway One by One campaign – is the 30-year partnership between Amway and Easter Seals. Easter Seals provides services for those with disabilities or special needs – services that are often beyond the financial means of families that struggle to care for their children.

Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and employees across North America have made this cause their own, and continue to find creative ways to raise funds – and visibility – for Easter Seals. Recently, several IBOs who have been top contributors and fundraisers over the years were recognized at an event hosted by the New York Yankees baseball team’s “Yankee Stadium Legends Suite Club” – the event itself raising $500,000 for Easter Seals.

The event set the pace for the largest Easter Seals Walk With Me events in the country, this year led by Miss America Laura Kaeppeler.



Miss America not only led the procession to Yankee Stadium on behalf of Amway, but also spent time with IBOs at a local Easter Seals center, meeting with the children and families who benefit from the services.


Click here for a video that shares more about the activities. Thanks to Marsha Champion for sharing this story. 

New York! New York!

Friday, 23 April, 2010

On April 6th a team of Amway employees and six Amway IBOs leaders from New York attended the Figure Skating in Harlem 2010 Skating with the Stars Gala.

Figure Skating in Harlem (FSH) is a nonprofit organization in Harlem New York committed to providing girls with vital educational and skating opportunities that build self-confidence, promote physical well being and academic achievement.

Candace Matthews, Amway Chief Marketing Office is the board chair of FSH and was honored by the organization along with Olympic Champion Kristi Yamaguchi and Figure Skating in Harlem Board Chair Emerita, Tamara Tunie of Law & Order: SVU.

In attendance were famous ice skaters, hockey players, well known celebrities such as Donald Trump and the entire Cast of Law & Order: SVU. However, the most important stars present were the beautiful and talented girls who participate in the FSH programming.  That evening they performed to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Guest blogger, Luisa Schumacher, Executive Director of West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology, provides us with an account of her experience in New York City…

To say that traveling to New York City to experience a world-class figure skating performance by the girls of Figure Skating Harlem with Candace Matthews and a team from Amway was an once-in-a-lifetime experience, would be an understatement.

As executive director of the West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology (WMCAT), an organization that is supported by the Amway One by One Campaign for Children and Candace Matthews (Amway CMO and WMCAT board member), I joined the trip for the opportunity to learn more about a similar program we have to the nonprofit organization, Figure Skating In Harlem, located in New York. In addition to learning about the after-school program that helps girls from age 5 – 18 through figure skating, we were able to see the students perform at Wollman Rink in Central Park at a star-studded gala.  Needless to say, the event was spectacular and the girls were a treasure.

It is not often that a West Michigan not-for-profit organization can learn about the great things happening with similar groups across the country up-close and personal. I am so grateful to our friends at Amway for providing me with the opportunity to see a successful organization in action in such a unique way.

Skating Scene with FSH participants and Olympic Figure Skater Candace Matthews, Amway Chief Marketing Officer and FSH Board Chair was being honored for her work with FSH

Amway Sales Team Member and New York IBO Leaders Amway Team Members and New York IBO Leaders