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Looking back, looking forward

Wednesday, 18 September, 2013

It’s been almost a year since we visited Long Ma Village in China’s Guangxi Province. 

There, we found a small rural school that had struggled to provide adequate nutrition to children of poor farming families. Many of the children’s parents had left for the urban areas to find jobs to help support their children.

Amway and its leaders stepped up to help, both for the children who were left behind in the countryside, and for those who traveled with their parents to the big cities.

In fact, helping migrant children has been a focus for Amway for many years, and the impetus for creating the Amway Charity Foundation – only possible because of a long-term commitment to generosity and partnerships.

Today, 754 schools now serve nutritious meals to 350,000 children through “Nutrition Kitchens,” which come with equipment, staff support and training in partnership with Amway and local and national governments. 

And we’re just getting started.

Approximately 58 million children in rural areas need access to nutritious meals. Our goal is to make sure every child gets one.

On location: Long Ma Village, Nanning, China, Day 2

Thursday, 29 November, 2012

We returned to the Long Ma Primary School, another three-hour drive out of the city, across the great fields of sugarcane, and through winding mountain passes.

We stopped along the way for a birds-eye view of the villages, and watched the many people going back and forth with their harvests and produce, each working hard to secure a better life.

Two married couples visited the village today and volunteered – Jack Zheng & Lucy Zhou, as well as Wang Cheng An & Yin Jianping. Both are Founders Council level Amway distributors and significant supporters of the Spring Sprout program. They toured classrooms, served meals, played games and distributed toys.

We had a chance conduct interviews of those in charge of the school, including the county mayor, as well as the Amway leaders. We even talked to some students who were “left behind” by parents that sought work in the cities.

There are some amazing partnerships happening in China through the leadership of Amway in the rural areas. This is only a glimpse, which we will expand into the full story in the weeks to come.

Tomorrow, we visit the city and learn what is being done to help children who join their parents in leaving remote village.


On location: Long Ma Village, Nanning, China, Day 1

Wednesday, 28 November, 2012

After hours of planes, shuttles and busses, we arrived in Nanning, China, then traveled further on to the Long Ma Village, through winding, bumpy roads surrounded by tropical hills.

Sugar cane takes up nearly every acre of arable land in this lush, green area of southern China. The fields are mostly maintained by older people and the few working adults have not moved to the big cities to find work.

For those who do follow China’s economic boom in urban areas to improve their opportunities, they have to decide whether to take their children with them. Many are left behind with grandparents and relatives in quiet towns and villages, where parents send their earnings.

This is the focus of our first visit, and after winding, bumpy roads through beautiful green hills, we arrive at the Long Ma Primary School, where at least 50% of the 361 children have parents away in the cities.

There, we met Jefferson Ren and Miao Dongmei, two Amway Founders Council-level distributors who have been big supporters of the Spring Sprout program, which aims to ensure that children left behind in rural areas have adequate nutrition and are well cared for.

A partnership between Amway, local schools and local and central governments, is outfitting school kitchens and enhancing them with staff and nutritious food.

We spent some time with the students, staff and Amway volunteers, learning more of the story.

Stay tuned for more!


A benchmark of high achievement

Thursday, 5 July, 2012

Amway China never fails to go above and beyond with their contributions to the Amway One by One Campaign.

The Amway Charity Foundation in China recently opened their 301st Nutrition Kitchen in through the Spring Sprout program, as part of a 100 million RMB ($15.4 million USD) commitment over three years to build a total of 1,000 Nutrition Kitchens across China, benefitting benefit 500,000 children.

This dedication certainly does not go unnoticed. The Amway Charity Foundation Spring Sprout program received the award for Most Influential Charity of China. Deemed as the most prestigious award of its kind in China, it was proudly accepted in Project’s first year of existence.

The Spring Sprout Project continually strives to develop solutions to nutritional issues for children left behind in rural areas when their parents move to cities to find work.

In a recent joint forum with the Hope Kitchen Project and the Micro Nutrient Supplements Project, Amway fostered a discussion about current successes and how they can be translated over into solving future issues.

We expect to see more great successes, and more children who are eating better because of the contributions of Amway China, and its many Sales Representatives, employees and partners.

Thanks to Kyle Van Andel and Vivian Yuan for sharing this story.