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May day is certainly a day to celebrate! It's not only the first day of May, it's the promise of spring, the joy of fresh flowers — vividly colored tulips, pretty pastel hyacinths, blossoming trees and shrubs. In Europe, this day is filled with festivities complete with dancing around a garlanded pole called a maypole, from which streamers hang. Each dancer holds the end of a streamer, and the dancers wind the streamers into a pattern as they move around the maypole. Some schools still hold May Day festivals with maypole dancing and the selection of a May queen. We did the maypole thing in grade school –  and we also created May Day baskets filled with candy and goodies for someone in our class.

But I'll be honest. Now that I am older and working for Quixtar/Amway, May Day has always been the BIG launch of the new Ribbon Gift Collections … sure, when I started they were Amagift Albums. (Yes, I have been here for awhile.) And it's still true. The Ribbon Gift Collections for 2008 are available for purchase at Quixtar.com … and ready to be redeemed by recipients on May 1 at ordermygift.com … WOO HOO! I'm ready to get selling, aren't you? And May is a great month to get busy selling to family and friends. What's in May?

Cinco de Mayo on May 5. Not really a traditional gift-giving occasion, but why not? Someone special is special any day of the year so why not on Cinco de Mayo? By the way, if you want to read some interesting facts and figures associated with Cinco de Mayo, check out the PR Newwire at forbes.com

Mother's Day on May 11. Mom deserves the best … any General Gift Collection will make her smile, but if you want to let her know she deserves some sweet relief … give her two collections! The Ghirardelli(R) Chocolates Collection teamed with the Pamper Album are just what a lovable Mom deserves. Don't forget Stepmoms, Grandmoms, and special women who may not be Mom but they're so marvelous, they deserve something for Mother's Day.

Your favorite granddaughter or son's birthday is in May? We've got Sweet!, the Gift Collection for teens that's just 2G2BT! If you don't text message, let me translate: Too good to be true! Cool stuff in that collection. Word is that kids around 13-16 really love getting Sweet! for birthdays and holidays.

The NEW Klutz(R) Gift Collection. Okay, this does NOT mean it's an album for people who are less than graceful. Seriously. Klutz is the name of the company that was incorporated in 1977 in California by three men who attended Stanford University. They started by selling sidewalk juggling lessons with a trio of bean bags. And then they realized the sky was the limit and decided to write a book on juggling. The books were sold, distributed via bicycle and backpack … and sales grew from there. (I can just see three juggling college guys in the early 70s on basic bikes tooling around town selling juggling cubes, facepaint, and drawing paper, can't you?)  Today, Klutz how-to books come packaged with their signature tools like juggling cubes, face paints,  and yo yos. All these how-to books and educational toys are for learning, and not just learning through reading. The Klutz Gift Collection is for kids 4 years old and up … and I tell you they are bound to be popular … paper planes, stickers, wishing stars, bracelets, drawing books, doodling kits, nail art, stencils, and more. Every time I look at this album, I want to be 10 again and playing with paper dolls.  It's all about learning, creating, enjoying!  So, if someone says, what the heck is a Klutz Collection? You say (being the great salesperson you are!), "It's a wonderful collection of amazing how-to books and crafts for kids 4 and up. Remember how fun it was to draw or juggle or build your own toys when you were growing up? Well, that's what this kid collection is all about!

Armed Forces Day on May 17. Need I say more?  This is the day to thank our military members for all they do in patriotic service for our country as suggested by Harry Truman. Every military member you know deserves a gift  … in whatever form you want to give that gift, from a prayer, a card, a letter to a gift basket or album.

Memorial Day … last Monday of May — May 26. This is a day to remember those who have died in our nation's service. After the Civil war many people began to decorate graves of fallen soldiers with flowers. Now, in the States, it marks the start of summer … and many family and friends get together for picnics, ball games, and boating.

Graduations, Showers, Weddings … big in May and June! Don't forget you may have a few gift-giving occasions coming up, but if you do, think of how many friends, family, and neighbors do. That's sales opportunity for you!

Other Ribbon and gift-giving tidbits to know and share while you're selling:

The 2008 Ribbon Gift Collections showcase a preview of selections in the printed albums. Each gift collection is shown in its entirety online and also in the Catalog of Gift Collections. The most updated resource for what's available will always be www.ordermygift.com so be sure to check that out … and encourage customers and recipients to do the same.

The Sweet! Collection is geared for teens. That's why it's different and why the copy reads like text messaging. If you want to know more about text messaging or get a translation, visit Webpedia's text messaging abbreviations.

Even with the launch of 2008 Gift Collections, your recipients can still redeem their 2007 Gift Collections now. No worries!

Interested in getting started selling Ribbon? You need a new kit each year, so if you haven't already, be sure to order the Ribbon Essential Sales Kit … or, check out the Ribbon Sales Kit Duo. When it comes to retailiing products, Ribbon Gift Collections are a great place to start.

May all your selling and gift-giving be a pleasure,




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