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Ribbon Gift Cards are guaranteed


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There's been some buzz in the media about the drop of consumer confidence in gift cards due to retail store closings. Dilemma: Don't know  if I want to give a gift card from a retailer who may or may not survive over the next few months.Obstacle: This consumer perception may become an objection when you're out there selling Ribbon Gift Collections this season.

Here's what you can say if a potential customer expresses concern about Ribbon Gift Cards as a gift:

Amway has been in business 50 years and has weathered some harsh economic downturns and survived them — in fact, they've grown stronger and sturdier through the ups and downs. Amway Global has been in the gift and incentive business for nearly 40 years. It all started with the Amagift Program, then became the Gift & Incentive Program — and in recent years was redesigned and rebranded as Ribbon.

Ribbon Gift and Incentive sales continue to climb. In fact, demand has increased 10% over the  last year.

Ribbon Gift Collections are updated annually to meet the needs/desires/trends in the git and incentive industry. For example, last year Ribbon added a collection for kids. Recently, Ribbon added a seasonal online collection entitled Celebrate.

Ribbon Gift Cards do not reveal price/cost of card to recipient and many are actually perceived to be of a higher value by recipients.

Unlike brick-and-mortar retailers, Ribbon Gift & Incentive Program focuses exclusively on the gift and incentive business and gift card sales promoted primarily online and sold by a mighty sales force of Ribbon Retailers (IBOs) across North America.

Ribbon Gift Cards/Collections are backed by the Amway Global 180-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Aren't many gift cards that have a guarantee like Ribbon does!

Good luck retailing Ribbon this holiday season. And don't forget to give Ribbon to your family and friends, too.


Happy Holidays,



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