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Fave Momisms, jewelry, fragrances, and more


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Nobody speaks, teaches, scolds, praises or loves like a mom. Nobody cooks, cleans, advises, or brags like a mother. And nobody deserves her own day or deserves a gift more than a mother. In celebration of Moms everywhere (Grandmothers,too), let's play a game.

Did your mom have her own way of saying things or did she have the universal momisms we all like to share and chuckle about?

Today as a mom, do you find yourself saying the same things you swore you'd never say to your own kids? Are there moments when you respond to your spouse or your children or your niece and nephews, that you suddenly feel you've become your mother?

I had that moment just last week when I said, "Be careful what you wish for cause it just might come true."

Here are a few more momisms from my friend and the Personal Accents Jewelry and Fragrance Collection marketer, Gina:

Because I said so.

Close the door.

Were you born in a barn?

Money does not grow on trees.

If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times.

I've got eyes in the back of my head … that's how I know!

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Doesn't a mom who gave you momisms to share with your own kids deserve something special this Mother's Day?
(the answer is yes)

Make the gift memorable. Make it special. Make it shine. Make it scent-sational.

Give your mom or grandmother a gift that says,

I love you for all you taught me and all the memories you gave me.

Give mom fashion jewelry that reflects her personal style, accessories to add flair, or her signature designer scent.

Check out Personal Accents jewelry and fragrances online at Amway Global.

Now's the time to buy Mother's Day gifts. (And it's not too early for graduation or Father's Day gifts, too!)

It's also the time to share momisms with others. Please send us your faves! And also send us some fave Personal Accents, Artistry, and Time Defiance products to give to Moms on Mother's Day — or any day!

The new bilingual Ribbon Program is coming soon!


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That's right, I said bilingual and Ribbon in the same sentence– per your request. We heard you loud and clear at events, training, and through email feedback. Thank you for letting us know Spanish is needed. 

Virtually everything Ribbon in the new 2009 program is in English and Spanish. The Gift Collection albums and catalog, ordermygift.com, gift cards, sales literature, order forms, and a CD. 

Look for more Ribbon updates in Spanish via Voces Latinas, a blog hosted by Amway Global bilingual editors.


Amway Global Top Ten for Gift Giving


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To give as gifts and to get others to give … this could be your motto this month as you interact with friends, family, neighbors, fellow fitness club partners, sports team players/league members, postal carrier, newspaper carrier, babysitter, and more.

Here are my top 10 for gift giving this year!

1. Artistry Essentials Makeup Kit. What woman wouldn't love a gift this pretty and practical?

2. Artistry Mini Lip Gloss Set. My college-age nieces are going to love this! Suggest it to your customers as a little somethin' to make smiles shine!

3. Kahve coffees and Zsenso Teas … perfect for those who savor a sip of something warm! Teas come in variety packs: Relaxation, Green and White Tea, Classic. I have a tea-drinking friend who is going to love the variety pack. Kahve brand has a Kona blend that's a big hit with my colleagues.

4. Artistry Soothing Creme. This is great for ladies who suffer from dry skin in the winter … I happen to be one but I know of many women who say this stuff is super smoothing.

5. Nutrilite Energy Bars (yum!) and Sports Drinks. A big hit among sports enthusiasts and fitness fans.

6. Tolsom Men's Skin Care for the special guys in your life.

7. Personal Accents Jewelry. It all comes gift boxed and ready for giving. Be sure to point this out to your customers!

8. Ribbon Gift Collections that let the recipient choose the perfect gift. I especially recommend the new seasonal one … Celebrate Gift Collection.

9. Artistry Spa Collection. This has to be one of the most popular gifts I give. My sister just raves about it!

10. Nutrilite Twist Tubes. Give the gift of health that quenches their thirst while providing nutrients they want and need. Choose from 4 flavors. Odd gift? Maybe, but it just so happens to be one that has turned gift recipients into customers once their gift runs out!

Here are a few more products that customers say are good for gifting:

Body Blends Bath and Body Care … in three fruity scents

Designer scents for women and men in Personal Accents Catalog

Artistry Fall Trend Colour Collections

iCook Knifeware Set

Artistry Makeup Brush Set

How 'bout you? What's on your top 10 gift list for giving (and selling) this holiday season?


Ribbon Gift Cards are guaranteed


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There's been some buzz in the media about the drop of consumer confidence in gift cards due to retail store closings. Dilemma: Don't know  if I want to give a gift card from a retailer who may or may not survive over the next few months.Obstacle: This consumer perception may become an objection when you're out there selling Ribbon Gift Collections this season.

Here's what you can say if a potential customer expresses concern about Ribbon Gift Cards as a gift:

Amway has been in business 50 years and has weathered some harsh economic downturns and survived them — in fact, they've grown stronger and sturdier through the ups and downs. Amway Global has been in the gift and incentive business for nearly 40 years. It all started with the Amagift Program, then became the Gift & Incentive Program — and in recent years was redesigned and rebranded as Ribbon.

Ribbon Gift and Incentive sales continue to climb. In fact, demand has increased 10% over the  last year.

Ribbon Gift Collections are updated annually to meet the needs/desires/trends in the git and incentive industry. For example, last year Ribbon added a collection for kids. Recently, Ribbon added a seasonal online collection entitled Celebrate.

Ribbon Gift Cards do not reveal price/cost of card to recipient and many are actually perceived to be of a higher value by recipients.

Unlike brick-and-mortar retailers, Ribbon Gift & Incentive Program focuses exclusively on the gift and incentive business and gift card sales promoted primarily online and sold by a mighty sales force of Ribbon Retailers (IBOs) across North America.

Ribbon Gift Cards/Collections are backed by the Amway Global 180-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Aren't many gift cards that have a guarantee like Ribbon does!

Good luck retailing Ribbon this holiday season. And don't forget to give Ribbon to your family and friends, too.


Happy Holidays,


Awards with Appeal … Ribbon makes the news!


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Have you heard of  Incentive Magazine? Well, it's a wonderful magazine about the incentive industry– available in digital and print versions. An OZ regular, CJ, sent a link to this article.

It talks about how Ribbon Gift Collections combine the use of gift cards with gift/award albums and that the key element of the program is choice. It goes on to talk about the price ranges and variety of brand names and products.

The article also highlights Successful Essentials, an Amway Global-affiliated business in Florida.

Check it out!

Don't forget! The holidays are coming fast. Be sure to contact current and prospective customers now. Businesses, friends, family, neighbors. Ribbon Gift Collections make the perfect holiday gift.

Need more info on Ribbon? Start here.


Some of the best people are in this business …


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and blogging here on Opportunity Zone. Thank you for all of you who read the blogs. So grateful to hear your feedback and share your ideas and suggestions with Marketing, Sales, The Learning Lab, IT, Customer Support, Communications, and everyone at Amway Global.

In the last few months, I've also had the pleasure of meeting (face to face!) some of Opportunity Zone's faithful readers and commenters. Bridgett and I have had some great discussions on retailing. We've talked about everything from bars and twist tubes to Choices Catalog and Ribbon Gift Collections. And guess what? I met rdknyver at National Spotlight and Ribbon has captured his interest. Ribbon is an excellent way to retail … you can start there since everyone needs gifts, or  you use the Gift Collections as cross-sell opportunities for existing customers.  CJ, Bridgett, Visioneer, CaioBella, Jeffrey, Tina, Maureen, and others have shared via Sales Speak how to market this gift program along with our health and beauty products to consumers. Also how to sell Ribbon to small businesses.

Another wonderful retailing opportunity, especially if you are selling Artistry products, is the Personal Accents jewelry and accessories collection. Have you seen the new jewelry? It's beautiful. Don't forget! There are men's styles, too.

I hope to meet more of you face to face in the coming months. Your thoughts and ideas are important as we move forward in transforming the business. After all, you're some of the best people in the world and, with you, we can make this an even better business for IBOs, prospects, and customers.

So, let's keep on keeping on. Together, we WILL be the best!



Coming soon! May day, Ribbon Gift Collections, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, more


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May day is certainly a day to celebrate! It's not only the first day of May, it's the promise of spring, the joy of fresh flowers — vividly colored tulips, pretty pastel hyacinths, blossoming trees and shrubs. In Europe, this day is filled with festivities complete with dancing around a garlanded pole called a maypole, from which streamers hang. Each dancer holds the end of a streamer, and the dancers wind the streamers into a pattern as they move around the maypole. Some schools still hold May Day festivals with maypole dancing and the selection of a May queen. We did the maypole thing in grade school –  and we also created May Day baskets filled with candy and goodies for someone in our class.

But I'll be honest. Now that I am older and working for Quixtar/Amway, May Day has always been the BIG launch of the new Ribbon Gift Collections … sure, when I started they were Amagift Albums. (Yes, I have been here for awhile.) And it's still true. The Ribbon Gift Collections for 2008 are available for purchase at Quixtar.com … and ready to be redeemed by recipients on May 1 at ordermygift.com … WOO HOO! I'm ready to get selling, aren't you? And May is a great month to get busy selling to family and friends. What's in May?

Cinco de Mayo on May 5. Not really a traditional gift-giving occasion, but why not? Someone special is special any day of the year so why not on Cinco de Mayo? By the way, if you want to read some interesting facts and figures associated with Cinco de Mayo, check out the PR Newwire at forbes.com

Mother's Day on May 11. Mom deserves the best … any General Gift Collection will make her smile, but if you want to let her know she deserves some sweet relief … give her two collections! The Ghirardelli(R) Chocolates Collection teamed with the Pamper Album are just what a lovable Mom deserves. Don't forget Stepmoms, Grandmoms, and special women who may not be Mom but they're so marvelous, they deserve something for Mother's Day.

Your favorite granddaughter or son's birthday is in May? We've got Sweet!, the Gift Collection for teens that's just 2G2BT! If you don't text message, let me translate: Too good to be true! Cool stuff in that collection. Word is that kids around 13-16 really love getting Sweet! for birthdays and holidays.

The NEW Klutz(R) Gift Collection. Okay, this does NOT mean it's an album for people who are less than graceful. Seriously. Klutz is the name of the company that was incorporated in 1977 in California by three men who attended Stanford University. They started by selling sidewalk juggling lessons with a trio of bean bags. And then they realized the sky was the limit and decided to write a book on juggling. The books were sold, distributed via bicycle and backpack … and sales grew from there. (I can just see three juggling college guys in the early 70s on basic bikes tooling around town selling juggling cubes, facepaint, and drawing paper, can't you?)  Today, Klutz how-to books come packaged with their signature tools like juggling cubes, face paints,  and yo yos. All these how-to books and educational toys are for learning, and not just learning through reading. The Klutz Gift Collection is for kids 4 years old and up … and I tell you they are bound to be popular … paper planes, stickers, wishing stars, bracelets, drawing books, doodling kits, nail art, stencils, and more. Every time I look at this album, I want to be 10 again and playing with paper dolls.  It's all about learning, creating, enjoying!  So, if someone says, what the heck is a Klutz Collection? You say (being the great salesperson you are!), "It's a wonderful collection of amazing how-to books and crafts for kids 4 and up. Remember how fun it was to draw or juggle or build your own toys when you were growing up? Well, that's what this kid collection is all about!

Armed Forces Day on May 17. Need I say more?  This is the day to thank our military members for all they do in patriotic service for our country as suggested by Harry Truman. Every military member you know deserves a gift  … in whatever form you want to give that gift, from a prayer, a card, a letter to a gift basket or album.

Memorial Day … last Monday of May — May 26. This is a day to remember those who have died in our nation's service. After the Civil war many people began to decorate graves of fallen soldiers with flowers. Now, in the States, it marks the start of summer … and many family and friends get together for picnics, ball games, and boating.

Graduations, Showers, Weddings … big in May and June! Don't forget you may have a few gift-giving occasions coming up, but if you do, think of how many friends, family, and neighbors do. That's sales opportunity for you!

Other Ribbon and gift-giving tidbits to know and share while you're selling:

The 2008 Ribbon Gift Collections showcase a preview of selections in the printed albums. Each gift collection is shown in its entirety online and also in the Catalog of Gift Collections. The most updated resource for what's available will always be www.ordermygift.com so be sure to check that out … and encourage customers and recipients to do the same.

The Sweet! Collection is geared for teens. That's why it's different and why the copy reads like text messaging. If you want to know more about text messaging or get a translation, visit Webpedia's text messaging abbreviations.

Even with the launch of 2008 Gift Collections, your recipients can still redeem their 2007 Gift Collections now. No worries!

Interested in getting started selling Ribbon? You need a new kit each year, so if you haven't already, be sure to order the Ribbon Essential Sales Kit … or, check out the Ribbon Sales Kit Duo. When it comes to retailiing products, Ribbon Gift Collections are a great place to start.

May all your selling and gift-giving be a pleasure,



Bad gifts don't have to happen to good people


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That's the beauty of the Ribbon Gift Collections. The newest assortment of General and Specialty Collections make gift giving the pleasure it ought to be, no matter what the occasion (even Groundhog Day!), no matter who the recipient (even a grumpy co-worker who needs an uplift!), no matter what the budget (people give gifts even when money is tight!.)

So, what kind of gifts do you find in Ribbon that people like you and me might be interested in buying, giving, and, of course, SELLING to other people like you and me.? Electronics, housewares, home decor, bath and body, food, candy, sporting goods, educational toys, and more.

The least expensive General Gift Collection called Variety is full of brand-name  items that make sense for many. That's probably why it's the most popular … it's affordable, has a higher perceived value than its retail price, and it has lots of brand-name items. This year's Variety Collections features brands like Everlast, Conair, and Rampage. One of my faves to give is Pamper. I've sold several (and given many) I Do! Gift Collections. You can't go wrong with brand-name items from Cuisinart, Coleman, Fossil, and Samsonite. Browsing through the Klutz Collection, I see some cool crafts and kits for kids. I expect you'll have no problem selling this one, since you've been asking for a Gift Collection for kids. Hope this is a hit. All in all, as I browse through the new Catalog of Gift Collections with my sales hat on, I see loads of sales potential. But how the heck do IBOs learn how to sell Ribbon?

I have ideas! We have sales materials for you! We have QU training! We have support! You have the gusto and the guts to get out there and make a profit.

Ribbon Essential Sales Kit (AD-1600). Gotta have it NOW. Don't wait another minute.

Ribbon Expansion Sales Kit (40-0854). If you're in the Business to Business (B2B ) sales arena, make this your business … NO, wait!! Make THIS your business:

Get the Ribbon Sales Kit Duo (40-0858). SAVE $15. You can SELL well when you h ave the tools to learn, the samples to share, the smarts to know your product and prepare ahead of time for the sales conversation. The Ribbon Sales Kit Duo can help with that.

You save 20% off the cost of purchasing the kits separately, plus you get everything you need to sell to virtually everyone — from the couple who lives next door who have a zillion relatives to the small businesses you frequent often-maybe daily! For instance, what does the owner of the hair salon or barber shop you use do for his or her employees for the holidays? or for awards? or how does he or she thank loyal customers? Still in touch with the realtor who sold you your house or condo? Did the realtor give you a gift at closing? And what about the auto dealer, day care center, credit union? The list goes on and on and on.

So, why am I so revved up about Ribbon these days?

The 2008 Ribbon Sales Kits and related materials launch this week; the exciting new Gift Collections become available on May 1. While you're waiting for your Sales Kits to arrive; practice, prepare, and PRINT!

Downloadable PDFs you can print and share on sales calls to family and friends … and to small businesses — are now available at Quixtar.com …. they're specifically designed for to use with CUSTOMERS.

Here's a couple CUSTOMER-FOCUSED fliers I especially like, and yes, I did write them, but that's beside the point! (smile here, please)

HOW IT WORKS Flier — one-page explanation of Who, What, When, Where with Ribbon!

PRESENTATION Flier — two-sided, three-fold brochure for businesses that makes it a great leave-behind or even a leave-before, if that's such a term–maybe a teaser?

There is also a CUSTOMER PRESENTATION CD featuring video clips on how Ribbon works for consumers and for businesses. This comes in the Essential Sales Kit and as a 5-pack (40-0857) for just $10.

Other useful Ribbon PDFs either up now or coming soon to the Ribbon listings in the Resource Center:

Ribbon Facts, FAQs, IBO Success Stories, Customizable Price List, Labels, and more!

So get revved up on Ribbon – and don't let bad gifts happen to good people. Get out there and sell Ribbon Gift Collections to family, friends, neighbors, and small businesses.


P.S. National brands listed above are all registered trademarks.


Ribbon gets refreshed for 2008-2009


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It's the program designed for retailing and well, you're doing it!  Figures show us you're using the kit, you're promoting the gift cards and albums, and some of you are selling Ribbon Gift Collections to businesses. YOU ROCK! Thank you, thank you, thank you for embracing Ribbon and making it a success. And thank you for providing feedback since it launched to help us refresh the program … to better meet your needs and your customers' needs. We heard you! I've hinted at a few tweaks in recent blog posts and let you know about the new kids' collection that's launching May 1 with the new program. NOW, I'll tell you more! The good news is that we listened to your comments on Sales Speak, through the RibbonRetailer@quixtar.com email account, via the Learning Lab Partnering Program, and at events like Expos and Achievers. WOW! We got so many great ideas from you guys … Ribbon is sure to make your business ROCK this coming year.

The 2008-09 Ribbon Program will feature:

-A newly designed Gift Card Carrier that looks and feels like the elegant black tuxedo-striped album envelope. Plus, the back will be cutout so you can read the redemption number on the back of the card.

-You said you wanted the Gift Card in Spanish, too. It will be! We plan to offer more sales materials in Spanish on the site, too, including …

-A simple How Ribbon Works downloadable PDF (FREE!) to share with customersWho? What ? When ? Why? Short and sweet. This How Ribbon Works will appear in many places … the Steps to Success Brochure in the Kit, the jacket of the Customer CD Presentation, in event fliers, on the web.

-A Ribbon Customer Presentation CD that features How it Works video clips for consumers and for businesses. For those of you who saw these videos at Achievers, you'll be happy to know we ARE including them in the Presentation CD!

-Now there will be two Sales Kits for IBOs (available April 1)– the Ribbon Essential Kit will include everything you need to get started, including a Customer Presentation CD and a slipcase with all 19 printed albums. The new Ribbon Expansion Kit will include extra samples … a 5-pack of Catalogs of Gift Collections, a 5-pack of Presentation CDs, a 5-pack of Sample Unique Gift Collection Packs (Card/Album/Envelope), a 50-pack of clear Mylar mailing envelopes. If you buy both kits using the special assigned SKU, you'll save $15.

-By popular demand, introducing the Klutz(R) brand Gift Collection for 4 to 12 year old kids. Games, puzzles, crafts. FUN, FUN, FUN! Great for grandparents to give kids … perfect for birthday party gifts.

-More flexibility for product changes throughout the  year … each Gift Collection will showcase items in printed album and feature additional items online, too. This will help us provide the best possible experience for Gift Collection recipients … better avaiability, less disappointment.

-Ribbon signature order form … PDF in Resource Center and also three-part form available through Quixtar Brand Support, a Partner Store. Very important form to use for customer purchases. Three-part form provides you with customer receipt. Also find signature Ribbon logo merchandise such as business cards and stationery at Quixtar Brand Support.

-Mailing Envelopes in 50-packs … choose Clear Mylar or Black Mylar envelopes for albums. The Black is for those of you who said you or your customers wanted to conceal the contents for mailing.

-Ribbon Fast Facts Downloadable PDF available for IBOs who say they need responses to objections about credibility and service of program. Includes facts like when the program began over 30 years ago, number of Gift Collections sold, how much is spent per month on gifts, and more.

BTW, the How to Sell Ribbon training module at Quixtar University is now available! Check it out.

This current Ribbon Program is a huge success because of communication: We asked, you told us. We listened and acted on your suggestions. And then we listened and responded again–and did what we could do that made sense for the business and was within our budget/schedule, etc. Now, let's see how you and your customers respond to the new refreshed and rarin'-to-be-retailed Ribbon Program. (I'm excited and I hope you are, too.)

It's all COMING SOON!  NEW Ribbon Sales Kits available April 1 – Gift Collections available on May 1.
Please keep your feedback coming through Sales Speak or email RibbonRetailer@quixtar.com

It's not Hollywood, but it feels like home … so let's gift shop!


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Hello from grey, snow-sprinkling Ada town. Wanted to let you know I am at Achievers in thought, but have no plans to jet to Hollywood over the next few days. However,  I sent along some good wishes for IBOs, a few of my edits on Ribbon support materials, and even sent my boss (he hates being called that), Robin, and fellow copy director, Nick–oh, and David, designer and art director extraordinaire. (Actually, I didn't send the guys-they just went to support the IBOs–look for them, talk to them, give them your feedback on our pubs and blogs!)

It's so quiet here without the guys, I can write. I can also read. I can even pretend to think! Seriously, I'm the chatty one and they're the ones enjoying a vacation away from me. Actually, we're a fun department and we get along with each other quite well.

I'm thinking (and hoping and praying) you're going to like the new catalog for spring that's launching in March. I can't say too much YET, but wow! I am so excited to have you see it, shop it, share it. While we're thinking gifts and wishing it wasn't so cold outside here in Ada, we're also planning and developing spring catalogs! I'm looking at photos of a family on a beach and a woman walking a dog in a sundress. Now I am shivering. We designed and wrote the Holiday Catalog back in May. No matter when we develop the catalogs, I never seem to tire of how far in advance we work or how fast-paced the schedule may be. I find it exhilarating, while others find it maddening. Keep in touch on Sales Speak. I'm bound to give you more hints in the next few weeks about what's coming in 2008 … product- and catalog-wise.

I'm also thinking that I feel good about the month of November when it comes to being a retailing IBO. My Personal Accents party was a success. I've sold the new protein snack bars to a couple people. I've purchased Ribbon Gift Collections for some family and friends–and sold a few, too.

I'm thinking it's time to make my gift list so I get everyone gifts they'll love. I just ordered a couple gifts from Store for More. (I put up my sparkly tree and decos on Sunday so I'm feeling festive and generous. I love finding and giving gifts — it's much more fun than receiving them although that can be fun, too.) Now, I just need to find a few potential customers in search of the perfect gifts. Hmmmmmm.

What ideas are you sharing with customers in search of gifts?

What are your customers buying this year to give as gifts?

Have you introduced them to the new Artistry essentials? the new Personal Accents signature fragrance, Anticipate? How 'bout Body Blends or Artistry Spa Collection?

Share your gift ideas! We'd love to hear them.